YouTube favouritism for Murdoch, other corporate media

This December 2016 video from the USA says about itself:

For Some Reason Nobody Trusts Corporate Media Anymore

A recent poll from NBC News and the Wall Street Journal shows that trust in corporate media has never been lower. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. …

From NBC News on that poll:

And, of course, there’s that particularly reviled group: The news media. Only a dismal 14 percent give the national media high marks, compared to 48 percent who said they have little or no faith in the Fourth Estate.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

YouTube wants to fight disinformation with
authoritative news sources

The video platform will highlight videos of media that it describes as “authoritative” in big news search results and on the front page. That concerns media that have signed up for the Google News platform, the function also works equally in the Netherlands. From screenshots that YouTube shared it can be seen that they mean the US, eg, CNN, Fox News and The New York Times.

So, YouTube is giving corporate Big Media an unfair advantage over news sites with less money (blogs, small news agencies, etc.).

While what YouTube calls ‘authoritative’ media very often have ‘fake news’; though usually in a different sense of the abuse of that term by Donald Trump, the United States Democratic party or the European Union.

CNN is supposedly ‘authoritative’. When the Bahraini absolute monarchy massacred its pro-democracy opponents, they had a correspondent in Bahrain who reported that. However, CNN is part of the United States establishment. The United States establishment is really chummy with the torturing royal dictatorship in Bahrain. So, CNN did self-censorship. They sacked their correspondent Amber Lyon for reporting about the crimes of the Bahraini autocracy. So CNN might be called ‘authoritarian’ instead of ‘authoritative’.

Fox News is supposedly ‘authoritative’ as well. Like the rest of the Rupert Murdoch empire, they so often have fake news that they are called Faux News. And I am not even mentioning their incitement to racist violence, their sexual abuse scandals and their anti-Semitism.

And then, the ‘authoritative’ New York Times. When the George W Bush administration was preparing their war on Iraq, and lied at least 935 times to justify that war, the New York Times gave Bush a helping hand by publishing completely fake reports on Iraq supposedly importing uranium from Niger to make ‘weapons of mass destruction‘, nuclear weapons.

So, this is part of censorship of critical voices on the Internet, practiced not just by YouTube, but also by its parent corporation Google, Facebook, and other Internet corporations, working hand in hand with governments undermining free speech.

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