Bahrain regime keeps killing

This video says about itself:

Bahraini doctor: “I’m not going to tell my 3 year old son: mama is going to jail”

(BBC) A court in Bahrain has jailed 20 medics who treated protesters to up to 15 years each, after convicting them of incitement to overthrow the regime.

They looked after people who were injured when a protest calling for more rights for the country’s Shia majority in the Sunni-ruled kingdom was crushed.

One of the doctors charged, Fatima Haji, has recorded a video message for her son in which she maintained her innocence.

From Associated Press:

Bahrain opposition: Protester dies from injuries

February 22

MANAMA, Bahrain — An opposition official in Bahrain says a 20-year-old protester died from injuries suffered during clashes with security forces.

The death is the second this month blamed on riot police in the tense Gulf kingdom and could put further pressure on political talks aimed at ending two years of unrest.

Bahrain’s majority Shiites have led an uprising for a greater political voice in the Sunni-ruled nation, home to the U.S. Navy’s 5th Fleet.

Hadi al-Musawi, a spokesman for the Shiite group Al Wefaq, said the protester died early Friday from a head injury sustained Feb. 14 when he was hit with a tear gas canister fired by security forces. Bahraini officials had no immediate comment.

More than 60 people, more according to some activists, have been killed in unrest in Bahrain.

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