German spotted eagles’ migration to Africa tracked

This video is called Farewell Estonian Lesser Spotted Eagles 2011.

From Wildlife Extra:

Spotted eagles tracked from Germany on migration to Africa

Spotted eagles fitted with satellite transmitters

September 2013. Twelve Spotted eagles, fitted with GPS transmitters in Germany, are being tracked on their migration to Africa.

Only about 100 pairs of rare Spotted eagles breed in Germany, and this number is declining every year. For years Germany’s Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU) has been fighting to save the last habitats of this elusive bird of prey; buying the land where they breed and protecting its feeding areas. Nevertheless they are threatened whilst on migration, particularly by hunters, and many young birds die before they mature and return to their German breeding grounds.

Help NABU protect the spotted eagle with a donation.

To investigate the migratory behaviour, the 30 gram backpack transmitters were mounted on the back of the spotted eagles; they report regularly the exact position, altitude and speed of the eagles.

Courtesy of Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union.

The article is about lesser spotted eagles.

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