Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve, new film

This video, made during the making of the film De Nieuwe Wildernis, shows a red fox.

On 28 September 2013, to the new Dutch nature documentary film De Nieuwe Wildernis (The new wilderness). This movie had its premiere this week.

Its subject is Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve in Flevoland province in the Netherlands; from early spring to summer to autumn to winter to new spring.

The big cinema was sold out. Many children. They were much less noisy than one might expect at a film lasting for over ninety minutes.

This video is the trailer for Belgium of the film.

The film started with a line from Dutch poetess Henriette Roland Holst, about peace and quiet in nature.

Then, life under water in early spring. An eel swimming. Water fleas. Tadpoles.

Then, birds. A great crested grebe mating dance. A marsh harrier couple. A white-tailed eagle flying a branch to its nest. Ravens. Great cormorants. Kingfishers in love.

Thousands of Colletes cunicularius bees emerge from their hibernation in underground holes, announcing spring.

This video from Belgium is about Colletes cunicularius bees mating.

Then, beavers.

Many grey lag geese and their goslings.

Red foxes hunt them during the day in Oostvaardersplassen; while in the rest of Europe they are mainly nocturnal animals.

The biggest herd of konik horses in Europe is in Oostvaardersplassen. Nowhere else in Europe there are so many red deer together.

A nightingale sings.

A Savi’s warbler sings. An insect flies straight into its bill.

Bluethroat singing. Sedge warbler singing.

The film is centred on networks in nature. Eg, on how food chains work. Konik horse dung provides dung flies with opportunities to lay eggs. Yellow wagtails also gather around konik dung, to feed on dung flies.

In another sequence, a carp dies. That attracts egg laying flies. Maggots emerge from the carp’s dead body. A water rail catches the maggots to feed its chicks.

Thousands of natterjack toads.

A grass snake.

A bittern.


A young kingfisher catches something. It is a piece of wood, not a fish.

In winter, a black konik foal dies. A sad moment, as the film maker had followed this young horse since its early youth. A robin in the snow pays its last respects.

The film ends with a new spring. A new foal is born.

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