13 thoughts on “Greek people get more ‘austerity’ misery

  1. Greek workers protest transfer to mobility scheme and unpaid wages

    Municipal employees, school guards, nursing staff and doctors from public hospitals protested in Athens Wednesday.

    The school guards were protesting their inclusion in the governments’ mobility programme and are demanding the payment of unpaid wages. Early in the morning, about 100 school guards entered the Ministry of the Interior building in central Athens and occupied it for several hours. Around 50 school guards protested outside the Ministry of Administrative Reform.

    The jobs of 2,150 guards were eliminated in July. Under the scheme, they have eight months from September 23 to be placed into another public job or be fired. This is part of the initial wave of 4,400 civil servants whose existing jobs were terminated as they were forced into the scheme. The scheme is a critical element of the New Democracy/PASOK government’s austerity agreement with the European Union and International Monetary Fund to slash 150,000 public sector jobs by 2015.

    Doctors held a rally outside the health ministry offices in Athens to protest their forced transfers into other jobs as well as cuts in their pay.


    Hellenic Vehicle Industry workers take industrial action

    On Wednesday workers employed by the state-owned Hellenic Vehicle Industry (ELVO) struck to protest the Greek government’s plans to put the company up for sale as part of its privatisation programme.
    Hellenic Vehicle Industry is the Greek Army’s largest supplier of armoured and civilian vehicles.
    Workers held a rally in central Thessaloniki, starting at the northern city’s main courthouse and ending at the Macedonia-Thrace Ministry.
    The head of the ELVO workers’ trade union, Theodoros Aliongas, said that the date of the protest rally was changed because union representatives wanted to meet with government minister Theodoros Karaoglou ahead of the latter’s meeting with Prime Minister Antonis Samaras in Athens on Wednesday.
    ELVO is one of three state-owned firms that the troika is demanding be closed. The other two are Larco, which produces military and civilian special-purpose machinery firms and EAS (Hellenic Defence Systems). In an email to the Finance Ministry on Monday, the troika stated, “In our view, the option of closure/liquidation must be considered for all three companies.”



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