Extreme right murder attempt in Venezuela

This 4 August 2018 video from Venezuela says about itself:

President Nicolas Maduro Survives Drone Attack

In a televised national address late Saturday, Maduro said he was fine and laid blame for the attack firmly at the feet of “right-wing imperial forces” who he said had hired the would-be assassins.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Venezuelan President Maduro says he has survived a murder attempt. While the president spoke at a major military ceremony in the capital Caracas, several explosives went off. Seven soldiers were injured according to the government. They were taken to a hospital.

Maduro appeared 2.5 hours after the events on television. He said that several suspects have been arrested. He said they have extreme right-wing sympathies and cooperate with Colombia

where about half of the world’s murders of trade unionists happen with government collusion

and the United States.

of Donald Trump, who has openly threatened a military invasion of Venezuela.

Some right-wing sources suggested that Maduro’s claims on an attempt on his life were supposedly lies. On 7 August 2018 the pro-NATO organisation Bellingcat confirmed it was indeed an attempt on Maduro’s life with drones.

Cartoon by Richard Cole

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