Englishwoman Jo Cox murdered by pro-South African apartheid racist

Brendan Cox on his murdered wife

Jo Cox shooting suspect ‘quiet loner who subscribed to white supremacy magazine’: here.

Jo Cox, the MP for Batley and Spen, in Yorkshire, since 2015, has previously spoken out against the “racism and fascism” of Britain First, an anti-Islam Right-wing group: here.

Thomas Mair, alleged killer of British MP Jo Cox, was a longtime supporter of the neo-Nazi National Alliance… Mair purchased a manual from the NA in 1999 that included instructions on how to build a pistol: here.

Jo Cox death: Alleged killer Tommy Mair ‘bought gun-making manual from far-right neo-Nazi group’. Documents suggest Mair had recorded links to National Alliance: here.

Suspected killer of British lawmaker had ties to neo-Nazi group, watchdog says: here.

By Peter Lazenby in Britain:

Labour MP Jo Cox shot dead in constituency

Friday 17th June 2016

Police arrest 52-year-old man following murder in Birstall

A LABOUR MP died yesterday after being shot and stabbed in the street in her constituency.

Jo Cox, MP for Batley and Spen in West Yorkshire, was on her way to an advice surgery when she was attacked at 12.53pm.

She was airlifted to hospital, but her death was announced at a police press conference shortly after 5pm.

A member of the public who tried to tackle the assailant was also shot, but his life is not believed to be in danger.

Police have arrested a 52-year-old suspect, named locally as Tommy Mair.

Ms Cox spoke out in defence of immigration in her Commons maiden speech after her election in 2015. Her constituency contains a significant Asian community. She was also a supporter of Palestine.

After the attack, Ms Cox was flown by air ambulance to Leeds General Infirmary, where she died. She was 41 and married with two children.

Some eyewitnesses reported that the assailant shouted “Britain First!” before pulling the trigger of what was described as an “old-fashioned gun.” …

But, in a statement, Unite Against Fascism joint secretaries Weyman Bennett and Sabby Dhalu said: “If these reports are accurate, this attack must be treated as a fascist terrorist incident.”

They called for immigration to be taken off the agenda in the debate on European Union membership.

“Politicians must tell the truth about immigration, as Jo Cox MP did so passionately in her maiden speech,” they said.

This BBC video on South African history is called APARTHEID: 46 YEARS IN 90 SECONDS.

By Chris Marsden in Britain:

Cox was just 41 years old and was only elected to parliament last year. She leaves behind two children and her husband, Brendan. …

Her murder has shocked millions throughout the UK and internationally. She died at 1:48 p.m. Thursday, after she was stabbed and shot multiple times following a constituency meeting in Birstall, West Yorkshire. A 52-year-old man, named as Thomas (Tommy) Mair, has been arrested. …

The Daily Telegraph has reported that he was previously a subscriber to S. A. Patriot, a South African magazine published by the pro-apartheid White Rhino Club. “The club describes the magazine’s editorial stance as being against ‘multi-cultural societies’ and ‘expansionist Islam’,” the Telegraph writes. “A blog post attributed to the group, dated January 2006, described Mair as ‘one of the earliest subscribers and supporters of S. A. Patriot’.” …

Migrants from the EU and refugees fleeing from the wars in which the UK has played full part are being blamed by both sides of the campaign [about the European Union membership referendum in Britain] for the collapse of essential services, housing shortages and the destruction of jobs and wages that are all the product of the austerity measures imposed by successive Labour and Conservative governments.

It appears that this febrile atmosphere played a part in tipping Mair over from passive racism into a murderous rage. Several eyewitnesses said that he shouted “Britain First” or “Put Britain first” before making his attack on Cox.

Clarke Rothwell, who runs a café near the murder scene, said, “He was shouting ‘put Britain first.’ He shouted it about two or three times. He said it before he shot her and after he shot her.

“He leant down. Someone was wrestling with him and he was wielding a knife and lunging at her. Three times she was shot. People were trying to help her.”

Another witness, Hichem Ben Abdallah, said Cox was stabbed with a large knife. The attacker then kicked Cox as she lay on the ground before pulling a gun and shooting her.

Graeme Howard, 38, told the Guardian that he too heard the man shout “Britain first” before the shooting and during the arrest: “I heard the shot and I ran outside and saw some ladies from the café running out with towels. There was loads of screaming and shouting and the police officers showed up. He was shouting ‘Britain first’ when he was doing it and being arrested.” …

Late last month, [neonazi group] Britain First issued a warning to British Muslim politicians that they would take “direct action” against them, citing in particular London’s newly-elected Labour Mayor Sadiq Khan. …

Cox’s death should sound a warning to workers throughout Britain. To prevent further outrages, it is necessary to take a political stand against the tidal wave of nationalist filth in which the Remain and Leave campaigns are seeking to drown opposition to austerity and war, and to strike out on a path of independent political struggle for socialism.

A video used to say about Thomas Mair’s organisation:

Jo Cox dies: Thomas Mair suspected of killing Labour MP in Birstall

16 June 2016

Labour MP Jo Cox has died after being stabbed and shot during an attack in her West Yorkshire constituency, on 16 June. The man arrested over the killing of Labour MP Jo Cox is believed to have had long-term links with Springbok Club, a hard-right group based in London …

Springbok Club is a United Kingdom based group (alternatively known as the Empire Loyalist Club) which seeks to appeal to white South African expatriates and other whites around the globe. The Club was formed in 1996 by Alan Harvey and Bill Binding, the deputy head of the British Ku Klux Klan, and then ‘re-constituted’ in 2001.

Harvey went on to join … the Swinton Circle, from which he was eventually expelled. In July 2001 the Nationalist Movement of the United States stated that Alan Harvey says that he is working to restore the British Empire. And his Springbok Club is his vehicle.

“Re-establishment of a British colony—any colony—would make it infinitely easier to remove the dangerously large number of aliens from the UK,” he said. Harvey, who escaped South Africa, says he regards Nationalists as “my best contacts in America, who I urge to support the plan.”

The Springbok Club has repeatedly described Nelson Mandela as a terrorist.

The MP for Batley and Spen was talking to constituents near the library in Birstall near Leeds when she was attacked by the gunman. She was taken by ambulance to Leeds General Infirmary with catastrophic injuries. “He shot this lady once and then he shot her again, he fell to the floor, leaned over shot her once more in the face area. Somebody tried to grab him, wrestling with him; and then he wielded a knife, like a hunting knife, just started lunging at her with a knife half a dozen times. People were screaming and running from the area.”

… A witness told Sky News that the attacker shouted “Britain first” during the attack. … Thomas Mair was named as a supporter in an online publication of the Springbok Club. The link between Mair and the Springbok Club goes back ten years when its online magazine, the Springbok Cyber Newsletter, was inquiring about the whereabouts of “Thomas Mair, from Batley in Yorkshire [who] was one of the earliest subscribers and supporters of “S.A. Patriot” who has moved from his address in the Fieldhead Estate district of the town.”

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