Cameron, European Union, rob migrant workers while eating expensively

This video from Britain says about itself:

25 December 2014

A short documentary/interview about a Polish immigrant that shares his opinion on living in the UK and why has come come here and the challenges he had to face.

This film starts our series of short films about individual people and their lifes, challenges and who they are.

We are trying to create an Independent Media in the UK and worldwide to show actual people and their stories which is far more interesting than what the mass media has to offer us.

By Luke James in Britain:

Feast at No10 to fix migrant benefit block

Tuesday 2nd February 2016

Workers lose out as Cameron and Tusk pig out

DAVID CAMERON cut a deal to slash the benefits of migrant workers over a lavish three-course meal with EU Council president Donald Tusk.

The Prime Minister got agreement for his plan to restrict benefits for EU workers for up to four years at a working dinner at Downing Street on Sunday evening.

And the Morning Star can reveal the decadent menu the pair enjoyed as they colluded to deny tax credits to low-paid migrant workers.

A menu provided by Downing Street shows that the conniving couple enjoyed smoked salmon for starters and beef fillet for mains before gobbling down pear & apple crumble for pudding.

The PM’s spokeswoman said the deal struck over dinner represented “substantial progress” in Mr Cameron’s EU renegotiation.

“Look at the amount of hard work, time and effort the Prime Minister, other senior ministers and senior government officials have had to put into this,” she frothed.

But the proposals for an “emergency break” on in-work benefit for EU migrants were branded “unfair” and unnecessary by MPs and experts.

Green MP Caroline Lucas described the discussions as a “sideshow” designed to appease Tory backbenchers that could damage Britain’s economy.

“Taking away in-work benefits to EU citizens from other countries is unfair and short sighted,” she said.

“We know that people from the rest of the EU who come here to work pay more in tax than they take out in public services.

“Indeed, EU nationals who move here are less likely to claim benefits.”

Her claims were supported by the IPPR think tank, which pointed out yesterday that there is little evidence to suggest EU migrants place a heavy burden on the welfare system or have a negative impact on Britain’s labour market.

“EU migrants tend to be less likely to make use of DWP-administered benefits than UK nationals (though they are more likely to be in receipt of tax credits) and unemployment levels have hit a 10-year low despite high EU migration,” according to the group.

In a signal that opposition to the cut from other EU leaders was expected, Downing Street said yesterday that it is willing to wait until 2017 to hold a referendum if no deal can be reached before this summer.

WORKERS’ rights are at risk of being “watered down” as part of David Cameron’s EU renegotiation, Labour MPs warned yesterday: here.

DAVID CAMERON stood accused of abandoning British workers yesterday after he refused to rule out attacks on working rights as part of his European Union renegotiation: here.

UK prime minister invokes militarism and war to argue for EU membership: here.

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  2. Wednesday 3rd Febuary 2016

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    JEREMY CORBYN accused David Cameron of showing disrespect for Parliament yesterday after the PM dodged questions over his EU renegotiation, writes Luke James.

    Mr Cameron snubbed the Commons and instead addressed a carefully selected audience in Chippenham about his proposals.

    Mr Corbyn, who is from the Wiltshire town, joked that he was pleased that the Prime Minister is “paying homage to the town where I was born.

    But he added: “He could get back to London in about an hour by train and give a statement here today.

    “He’s trumpeting the sovereignty of national parliaments as part of the renegotiations but doesn’t seem to respect the sovereignty of this parliament.”

    Mr Corbyn also complained that selected right-wing journalists had been handed copies of the agreement with the European Council before MPs.

    “I believe this indicates a lack of respect to the democratic process and this House,” he said.


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  6. Monday 22nd February 2016

    posted by Morning Star in Editorial

    AS THE dust settles on the Prime Minister’s much-vaunted “renegotiation” of the terms on which he hopes Britain will remain a member of the European Union, the media have quickly moved on to the soap opera of which leading Tories will end up on which side.

    Pundits can hardly be blamed for not focusing on the detail of the supposed concessions David Cameron has snatched from Brussels.

    The “emergency brake” on in-work benefits for migrants who are working and paying tax in Britain is not only a demonstration of the Nasty Party’s nastiness, but is also of a piece with the Tory war on all workers, whether born here or abroad: the Institute for Fiscal Studies says 2.6 million families will be an average £1,600 worse off each year as they are moved from tax credits to universal credit.

    As for the celebrated treaty amendment, stating that the commitment to “ever closer union” does not apply to Britain, this certainly does not mean Britain “can never be forced into political integration.”

    Provisions in the Stability and Growth Pact preventing governments from borrowing to invest in their country’s economic future, clauses in the Maastricht and Lisbon treaties prohibiting state aid for industry and demanding the privatisation of public monopolies — such rules have political repercussions.

    Membership of the EU severely curtails the choices available to the electorates of individual countries. Socialism and even Keynesian social democracy cease to be options available to voters, either because the levers of economic control have been handed to unaccountable institutions such as the European Commission and European Central Bank or because socialist measures themselves such as renationalising industries or intervening directly in the economy are illegal.

    Support for the European Union on the left has taken a battering in recent years. The brutal and pitiless immiseration of Greece at the hands of the EU-dominated “troika” exposed the bloc’s free-market fanaticism and contempt for democracy.

    So too does its enthusiastic, if secretive, pursuit of the TTIP trade deal with the United States, over the heads of national governments and in the face of massive public opposition.

    When challenged by War on Want director John Hilary, EU trade commissioner Cecilia Malmstroem did not even make a pretence of caring. “I do not take my mandate from the European people,” she sneered.

    But many on the left continue to defend membership.

    Some argue that, rather than leave, we should campaign for a better EU — a more democratic union which protects working people’s rights rather than corporate profits. This is the position of Green Party MP Caroline Lucas, and apparently also of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

    They must be challenged on how they intend to achieve this. The EU’s anti-democratic structures and legal commitments to neoliberalism are embedded in a succession of binding treaties which cannot be changed without the consent of every single member state. This makes reforming the bloc virtually impossible.

    Others point to particular provisions of EU law which protect maternity rights or holiday pay, and argue that the Conservatives would try to unpick these if we left.

    Of course they would. But it is not just the Conservatives who have it in for workers’ rights. The EU itself has demanded an end to collective bargaining agreements, the imposition of “flexible” contracts and the deregulation of entire industries.

    Staying in is no guarantee that our rights will be protected, especially once treaties like TTIP further subordinate governments to transnational corporations. The labour movement must regain the confidence to fight for a better future, rather than trusting in an anti-democratic institution to shield it from the government’s blows.

    Still others claim that since the loudest voices calling for an exit are on the political right, we have to vote to remain to avoid associating with them.

    But the big guns of the In campaign — the Prime Minister, Sir Stuart Rose, Goldman Sachs, the US government — are not exactly friends of the labour movement.

    The British Establishment is more or less united in its determination to stay in the EU. The status quo suits it down to the ground.

    But supporters of radical political change should vote to leave on June 23.


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