Greek referendum on European Union austerity, 5 July

This video says about itself:

Anti-austerity rally in Greece on eve of EU crisis meet

21 June 2015

Protesters are calling on the Greek government to defy its international creditors, and reject austerity. Thousands gathered in Athens ahead of last ditch talks, aimed at securing a debt deal, and keeping Greece in the Eurozone.

As Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras announced that Greece will hold a referendum to ask the Greek people if they approve of a bailout deal with the country’s creditors, here is a final draft of the creditors proposal for Greece, as it was obtained by the Financial Times. The referendum, to be conducted on July 5th, will ask the Greek citizens if they approve a deal based on the following document the Greek government has already described as “humiliating” since it includes more austerity for the country.

From Keep Talking Greece:

PM Tsipras announces Referendum on Creditors’ Proposal, July 5th/2015

26 June 2015

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is expected to address the nation still tonight. According to Greek media, Tsipras is to announce a Referendum that most likely is expected to be held on Sunday, July 5th 2015.

Currently PM Tsipras is briefing opposition party leaders on Referendum.

After arriving form Brussels a cabinet meeting was held.

“Unfortunately our creditors put an ultimatum before us.”

“After 5 months of tough negotiations, our put an ultimatum towards Greece and its people.”

Referendum on 5th July 2015

Question: “Whether people accept creditors’ proposals or not.”

Tsipras will ask creditors for a short extension of the program.

He has already informed Hollande & Merkel & Draghi.

Tsipras: “I will respect the people’s decision.”

The referendum decision was unanimously taken by the cabinet.

Tsipras said the creditors’ proposal are against the EU rules. He blamed mainly the IMF for the failure on agreement. …

It is clear that Tsipras wants the people to vote against.

Energy Minister Lafazanis says all of the government will vote “No” in referendum.

* Parliament convenes Saturday 12 noon. It will have to approve the Referendum. The debate is expected to end by 7 pm, the voting will follow.
* 40% of the registered voters must vote so that the Referendum result is valid.
* The Referendum comes as “Emergency for a very crucial issue for the country.” The President of the Republic issued a decree, the cabinet approved it. Then the parliament has to adopt it too.

Majority of 151 votes is needed. SYRIZA-Independent Greeks have more than this in a Parliament of 300.

How Greece’s Bailout Referendum Will Be Held: The Process: here.

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