Merkel, IMF and destructive austerity in Greece

Merkel, Lagarde and destructive austerity in Greece, cartoon

This cartoon shows Angela Merkel, federal chancellor of Germany, and Christine Lagarde of the International Monetary Fund preaching destructive austerity to Greece. They want Greece to dig its own grave to die in.

The austerity has proved, as economists agree, to not solve any problems; only making things worse. It meant and means no electricity for poor people, more suicides, more hungry children, more pensioners desperately looking for rotten food in garbage cans.

People intending to vote Yes in the 5 July referendum in Greece to Merkel’s and Lagarde‘s destruction would be voting for yet less electricity for poor people, for yet more suicides, for yet more hungry children, for yet more pensioners desperately looking for rotten food in garbage cans.

A Yes vote is a vote for cowardly betrayal of one’s fellow human beings. A vote for betrayal of democracy, of human decency and of solidarity. A No vote means a yes to democracy, decency, and solidarity. Solidarity, not just with fellow human beings in Greece, but also in other European Union countries where the people suffer from the moronic Thatcherist-Pinochetist-troikaite ‘voodoo economics’ (to quote United States President George HW Bush) of hunger, suicide and replacing democracy with dictatorship. In the interest of tiny super rich elites, less than 1% of people; for whose interests Merkel and Lagarde stand.

26 thoughts on “Merkel, IMF and destructive austerity in Greece

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  2. The IMF and organizations such as The World bank, should be regarded as criminal organizations? why? they bankrupt countries destroy the infrastructure back war and terrorism and yet how do they exist? they exist as sort of parasites to bribe and maintain individuals and put them into power and pay money to their individual accounts.


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