Dijsselbloem ruined Greece, still hates Varoufakis

This 2013 video is about childhood hunger in Greece.

In Dutch daily Trouw today, there is an interview with Blairite politician Jeroen René Victor Anton Dijsselbloem, ex-Dutch Finance Minister and ex-boss of the Eurogroup imposing disastrous austerity on Greece and other countries.

From that interview, about a new book by Dijsselbloem about his experiences as he sees them (translated):

Dijsselbloem: Many people have thought that I would attack many people in the book. But I have absolutely no need to settle accounts with anyone.

Interviewer Christoph Schmidt: Except with Varoufakis.

Varoufakis was the finance minister in the new Greek government, elected on an anti-austerity platform. Varoufakis warned other European governments on the disastrous consequences of austerity, like the rise of neonazism. After the Greek people in a referendum had overwhelmingly rejected austerity, the European Union, in the words of the British (pro-European Union) Green party, did a ‘coup’ in Greece, forcing Varoufakis out. Dijsselbloem himself admits in an interview with another Dutch daily, De Volkskrant, today that the Eurogroup austerity abolished democracy in Greece.

All for making sure that the austerity, the privatisations benefiting German corporations, etc. continued.

Dijsselbloem‘s austerity killed people in Greece: because of disastrous cuts in healthcare; because of thousands of desperate pensioners and others facing financial ruin committing suicide, etc.

Dijsselbloem damaged not only the Greek economy. He damaged the Dutch economy as well. In 2013, Dijsselbloem admitted to damaging the Dutch economy. He said that was to be credible in damaging the Greek economy.

So: destroying the economy, health care, education, etc. in the Netherlands, in order to be better able to destroy the economy, health care, education, etc. in Greece. “Doctor” Quack Dijsselbloem prescribed his medicine for the Dutch economy; not because it works, as it doesn’t. But in order to continue to prescribe it in Greece, where it does not work either.

Dijsselbloem destroyed his ‘center left’ social democratic PvdA party. Because of his austerity policies in a coalition government in which the PvdA was the junior partner of the right-wing VVD, in the 2017 election the PvdA had just nine MPs left of its previous 38 ones. Similar to their Greek sister party PASOK, moribund because of imposing austerity while in government.

After arguing in a pair of Guardian op-eds last month that a worldwide progressive movement is needed to counter the unifying rightwing “that sprang out of the cesspool of financialized capitalism,” former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis announced in Rome on Friday that he and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) plan to officially launch “Progressives International” in the senator’s state on Nov. 30: here.

8 thoughts on “Dijsselbloem ruined Greece, still hates Varoufakis

  1. FORMER Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis is set to stand for election to the European Parliament in Germany next year.

    He accepted the nomination of the Democracy in Europe Movement 2025 (DiEM25), which he helped found in 2016 in a bid to “democratise” the institution which crippled the Greek economy with a series of punitive measures as part of European Union bailout packages.

    Unfurling a banner with the slogan “European Spring,” Mr Varoufakis told a press conference: “I call on all of you to join us in this pan-European quest for democracy in Europe, democracy in Germany as a condition for prosperity and authentic democracy.”

    The economist, who served under the Syriza government in 2015, believes the EU can be transformed by increasing transparency and democratising its institutions, including through the live broadcast of meetings.

    However critics insist that the EU is designed so it cannot be reformed to become more democratic with progressive politics requiring a break with the neoliberal institution.

    European elections will take place in May next year.



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