Greek government supports strike against its own austerity policies

This video says about itself:

Greece: ‘Syriza, don’t sign’ – anti-austerity protesters in Athens

25 June 2015

Protesters took the streets of Athens, Thursday, demanding that Syriza refrains from signing a new memorandum with the eurozone, as Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras continued to negotiate with the country’s creditors in Brussels.

The protest was organised by the left-wing Antarsya party. Despoina Koutsoumpa, an Athens City Councillor for the party, said “the only solution is making the poor more poor, we don’t want the eurozone.” Antarsya member Yannis Dimopoulos echoed Koutsoumpa sentiments, stating that “no reform can be good in the framework on the eurozone.”

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Syriza supports general strike against own austerity policy

Thursday 12th November 2015

GREEKS will walk out on a 24-hour general strike today against cuts and privatisation — egged on by the government imposing those policies.

Public-sector union federation Adedy, mainly private-sector grouping GSEE and Communist Party-linked Pame will all call workers out.

The strike is expected to shut down all museums, schools and pharmacies, severely hobble transport services and reduce hospitals to provision of emergency services.

The GSEE and Adedy unions will hold a rally in Klafthmonos Square from 11am, while Pame will rally in Omonia Square from noon. Pame also plans over 60 demonstrations across Greece.

The ruling Syriza party’s Labour Policy Department called on all citizens to participate in the strike, declaring: “The demands of workers are becoming particularly critical” and attacking the “neoliberal policies and extortion” emanating from “political and economic centres in and outside Greece.”

Syriza was elected on a commitment to end austerity but bowed to EU pressure over the summer and agreed to continue it.

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