Austerity drives Greeks to suicide

A 35-year-old deaf woman sits on a sculpture installation at Omonia Square, threatening to jump

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Woman’s suicide threat

GREECE: A 35-year-old deaf and mute woman threatened to commit suicide after climbing up the supports of a sculpture in Omonia Square, central Athens, on Monday.

The single mother of two was protesting against serious delays in disability payments that have resulted from successive austerity measures.

She was later lifted to safety by firefighters using a crane.

Multinationals blackmail Greece: Part-timers on €250-300 monthly salary: here.

School in Athens needs help: 60 children do not get enough food: here.

Drugs speculators threaten lives of Greek patients – Price scandals like in UK: here.

Athens: “Portugal shows the way” anti-austerity protest, March 10/2013: here.

Wave of suicides in Italy as social conditions deteriorate: here.

19 thoughts on “Austerity drives Greeks to suicide

    • I completely agree. Unfortunately, other Greeks did commit suicide recently. Suicide figures in Grece used to be comparatively low, but have risen sharply recently because of EU-IMF economic austerity quackery.


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