Provisional Greek referendum result 61% NO

This 3 July 2015 video from Athens is called Greece: Drone soars over thousands of ‘NO’ protesters as referendum looms.

From Keep Talking Greece tonight says that at 8:35 pm 19.6% of votes in the Greek austerity referendum had been counted. 61% of voters so far voted No, 39% Yes to troika austerity. A map showed there was a No majority in all regions of Greece; except Laconia (the most right-wing region in Greece, arguably already during the militarist city-state Sparta in ancient Greece), and eastern Thracia.

8:53 pm

[Rightist ex-government, now main opposition party] New Decmocracy MP Dora Bakoyiannis reportedly called ex PM and ND leader Antonis Samaras and asked him to resign.

Preliminary referendum results indicate that Samaras has lost for a second time in 2015: the January elections and the referendum. He was hoping for SYRIZA to resign/collapse/[be] ousted so that he would return to power. …

08:58 pm

Despite the scaremongering by Greek opposition parties and EU officials, Greeks decided to reject the Creditors’ proposal.

Referendum: Greek voters angry at media & creditors, scare-mongering campaign seems to backfire

09:16 pm

Referendum results expose pollsters who ‘saw’ in public opinion surveys before Sunday, among others:

1. NO – YES at knife-edge

2. a “razor thin” vote in favor of YES

This (if confirmed in final results) would be a victory of the Greek people against an unholy alliance of European Union and IMF bureaucrats; selfish Greek billionaires; some trade union leaders who had advised against their members’ interests and wishes to vote Yes to austerity; German and other bosses in Greece forcing their workers to participate in astroturfed pro-austerity pre-referendum demonstrations, threatening with unemployment for unwilling workers; some bishops threatening No voters with hellfire; some colonels threatening No voters with bringing back military dictatorship.

Greek referendum: No vote on track for landslide victory – live updates: here.

UPDATE: 9:52 pm: over half the votes have been counted. 61,21% NO. Even in Laconia and eastern Thracia NO majorities.

A woman celebrates the No vote victory at Syntagma Square in Athens on July 5, 2015

Greece referendum: Greeks don’t want to leave Europe, but Europe wants revenge on the Greeks: here.

Greek austerity referendum, cartoon

20 thoughts on “Provisional Greek referendum result 61% NO

  1. 20:58

    The Green party has hailed tonight’s referendum as a decisive vote against austerity:

    Caroline Lucas MP, who represents the British south coast constituency of Brighton Pavilion, says the eurozone must now accept that Greece needs debt relief:

    “The Greek people have made a decision which must now be respected. This referendum has seen EU states do their very best to undermine the democratic will of the Greek people but it’s time to draw a line under the past and move onwards.

    “History shows us that countries can escape crippling debt in a just way. In 1953, at London Conference, Greece was among the European nations signing a deal which allowed for the cancellation of German debt, to enable the country to grow again after the destruction of the Second World War. Europe needs to come together to offer the Greeks a deal which allows their country to be rebuilt.”


  2. Today 4:23 PM EDT
    Krugman: A Victory For Europe

    Economist Paul Krugman argues in the New York Times that Sunday’s referendum does not only present a victory for Greek Prime Minister Tsipras, but for Europe as well.

    I know that’s not how most people see it. But think of it this way: we have just witnessed Greece stand up to a truly vile campaign of bullying and intimidation, an attempt to scare the Greek public, not just into accepting creditor demands, but into getting rid of their government. It was a shameful moment in modern European history, and would have set a truly ugly precedent if it had succeeded.


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