Greek workers repressed in 2011

This video says about itself:

Greece: Drone footage shows thousands in anti-austerity protest on Syntagma Square

29 June 2015

A drone’s eye captured thousands upon thousands swarming Syntagma Square in Athens, Monday, to protest against further austerity measures and to encourage people for a ‘no’ vote in the upcoming referendum on Sunday – which gives the Greek people the right to choose whether to accept the bailout conditions of the institutions.

This blog post, saved from my blog, shows part of how austerity was enforced by a previous Greek government in 2011.

From daily News Line in Britain, 26 November 2011:

The Athens State Prosecutor ordered that 13 trade unionists, a pensioner and an unemployed worker who were arrested by riot police last Thursday morning are to stand trial on November 30 accused of “disruption”, “resistance to the police” and “causing bodily harm”.

Among them is the president of the Greek Electricity Board (DEH) trade union Nikos Fotopoulos …

Massages of support can be sent to

See also here.

Greek workers on strike: here.

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