Dijsselbloem, resign after Greek No, Dutch Socialist Party says

This video from Greece says about itself:

Dancing in Syntagma Square: ‘Oxi’(NO) campaigners celebrate Greferendum victory

5 July 2015

Anti-austerity supporters flood Syntagma Square in Athens to celebrate the anticipated ‘Oxi’ vote, with most of the ballots from Sunday’s referendum counted.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Roemer: Dijsselbloem must quit at the Eurogroup

Today, 10:10

[Dutch Finance] minister Dijsselbloem must resign as chairman of the Eurogroup. That says Socialist Party leader [Emile] Roemer. In the NOS Radio 1 news Roemer said Dijsselbloem has failed in the negotiations with Greece.

“It is almost impossible for him to still sit at the table there,” Roemer said. “He has imposed tough, right-wing austerity policies on Greece, which are economically, but also socially irresponsible.”


The SP leader says that democracy has won, now that the Greeks have said “no” in the referendum. Roemer does not know why the Greek Finance Minister Varoufakis has resigned after that vote.

“It seems that now an agreement should be reached soon. From Greece there are now other people at the table. It would be good if this would happen at the European side as well.”

To boost the Greek economy, according to Roemer, there should be no more cuts. “For small and medium-sized businesses to get going again money must first be earned again. Only then will we have any chance we get our money back.”

See also here.

SP leader Emile Roemer: Creditors can’t ignore Greek ‘no’: here.

Jeremy Corbyn MP, Labour Party Leadership candidate tonight called on the European Commission to end the human suffering in Greece. He also wants the Syriza government to be given time to be able to rebuild their economy not be subjected to a financially imposed regime change. “Democracy has spoken in Greece. The people must rule, not the financial markets,” said Jeremy.

JEREMY CORBYN received a huge push towards Labour leadership yesterday after Britain’s biggest union Unite formally announced its endorsement of the people’s favourite: here.

Following the “no” vote in Greece’s referendum on European Union (EU) austerity Sunday, the political situation within the country remains extremely tense. Press reports have emerged concerning a plan drawn up prior to the vote, code-named “Operation Nemesis,” to deploy the army alongside riot police to crush social protest: here.

13 thoughts on “Dijsselbloem, resign after Greek No, Dutch Socialist Party says

  1. London, England: ACTIVISTS piled into Trafalgar Square at the weekend to demonstrate their solidarity with Greeks holding a referendum on the EU’s crippling set of bailout conditions.

    The Saturday afternoon rally — complete with its own street ballot in which participants were asked to vote Yes or No to austerity — denounced the way EU leaders insist on further pay cuts, privatisations and slashed spending for Greece, even though such policies have shrunk its economy by a quarter in the last five years and seen its debt to GDP ratio rise from 120 to 175 per cent.

    Demonstrators chanted “ochi, ochi” — “no, no” — echoing Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’s call for voters to vote to reject the terms the European Union, IMF and European Central Bank are trying to impose on the country.

    While the bailout “offer” has already been withdrawn — meaning Greece is technically voting on a non-existent proposal — the result of the referendum is highly charged symbolically, with EU chiefs saying a No vote would see Greece leave the eurozone, something Mr Tsipras’s Syriza party remains desperate to avoid despite the damage the single currency has done to the country.

    Addressing the rally, Green Party leader Natalie Bennett slammed the “failed model” of austerity that was beggaring the whole continent.

    “Where we are now is not sustainable,” Ms Bennett said.

    “We need a new system that will invest in the future, invest in people.”



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  3. Dear friends,

    The hopes of the whole world rose when the Greek people stood up to the senseless and devastating policy of austerity, but now Germany has forced their leaders to accept even worse austerity as punishment for their defiance! It’s up to us to make sure this isn’t over…

    Germany’s Angela Merkel seems like a heartless, anti-democratic tyrant, but really she is doing what the majority of the German people want her to do, and what she believes is good for Europe. This is not good vs. evil, it’s good vs. stupid, the tragic story of one country’s misguided economic philosophy being inflicted on another.

    Organised by Avaaz and backed by 500,000 Avaaz EU members, 5 of the world’s leading economists, including Thomas Piketty, Jeffrey Sachs and a top German economist, came out against Merkel’s approach in an open letter that was all over Germany’s biggest media last week. It’s this kind of work, steadily shifting the prevailing economic view in Germany, that has the most promise to eventually liberate Greece from austerity.

    The Greeks are facing a bleak future, and unless we speak out, the austerity madness will spread. Let’s create a massive education and advocacy campaign to shift German and EU public and elite opinion on austerity, and send the people of Greece a message: this isn’t over, and you are not alone.

    Donate now to launch the campaign to liberate Greece: (if you’ve saved your payment details with Avaaz, your donation will go through with just one click)

    The new bailout agreement is not the end of the story. This agreement will have further punishing effects on the Greek people, and fresh news of rising child poverty and other outrages will prick the conscience of the world. Germany’s opponents, such as France and Italy, and even the IMF, have pushed for smart debt restructuring or relief that could offer the Greeks hope. With over 16 million members in Europe, our community is perfectly positioned to campaign effectively, and win.

    The liberate Greece campaign would allow the following actions and tactics:

    Grow the number of top economists signing our open letter, and continue to advertise it in German and EU media.
    Support a delegation of top economists and global public figures to travel to Germany to meet with leaders, appear in media, and appeal for a change in approach.
    Push compelling stories of the human costs of Greek austerity into the German media.
    Campaign in France, Italy and other EU countries with large Avaaz memberships to push those governments to maintain pressure on Germany.
    Organise for a German MPs delegation to see the human suffering under austerity.
    Place ads across German media showing the true costs of austerity.
    Continue campaigns among Avaaz’s 2 million highly active German members to engage their fellow citizens on this issue.

    For many years, the United States was the world’s chief evangelist of austerity, and used the IMF to push devastating policies on much of Latin America and Africa. The debt crisis of the 80’s, and the IMF’s response, led to the deaths of tens of thousands of innocent people and massive increases in poverty. The US has finally learned its lesson, and is now pleading with Germany to do the same. Angela Merkel and those who believe in austerity are not bad people, they’re just wrong, and we can help them see it, with just a small contribution from each of us — click to help make it happen:

    When they went to the polls, the Greek people chose to take a stand. A stand for their future, but also for the kind of Europe, and the kind of people-centered world, that we all want to live in. Their fight is our fight — let’s help them win.

    With hope,

    Ricken, Alice, Alex, Joseph, Ana Sofia and the whole Avaaz team.


    Austerity Has Failed: An Open Letter From Thomas Piketty to Angela Merkel (The Nation)

    Greek bailout: Angela Merkel accused of blackmailing Athens (The Guardian)

    Greek government faces massive austerity package amid popular backlash at Germany’s €50bn ‘coup’ (The Independent)

    Splits widen in Merkel’s coalition over proposals for Greek economic reforms (The Guardian)

    55% of Germans support Merkel on Greece (Poll)

    “Oxi”: A historic Greek vote against austerity (New Yorker)


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