Nuthatches squat woodpecker’s nest

Joost Kortmann from Son en Breugel in the Netherlands, the maker of this video, says about it (translated from Dutch by yours truly):

“In a northern red oak, a great spotted woodpecker had for several years a nest, with good results. This year the entrance (in this live tree) was a little overgrown. Two nuthatches showed interest. Meanwhile, the woodpecker started chopping in another (live) tree, to make a new nest. It stopped working at the new nest after two days and tried to get its old nest back. The nuthatches drove it away successfully.


The first part of the video was made on April 15 around 14:45 pm. The second part, which I have added, was made on April 17 around 17:15 pm. It shows that the woodpecker during his inspection and chiseling work is beset by fly by nuthatches.”

12 thoughts on “Nuthatches squat woodpecker’s nest

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