British bedroom tax kills a grandmother

This video from Britain is called Bedroom Tax Blamed For Woman’s Suicide.

From daily News Line in Britain:

Monday, 13 May 2013

A GRANDMOTHER, who because of the Bedroom Tax, had to pay an extra £20 a week, has thrown herself in front of a motorway lorry after leaving a note blaming the Cameron-led coalition government and its Bedroom Tax policy for her decision to end her life.

Stephanie Bottrill left notes to her loved ones. She wrote in her letter to her son Steven, ‘Don’t blame yourself for me ending my life. The only people to blame are the Government.’ Days before, she had told her neighbours, ‘I can’t afford to live any more.’

Solihull council Labour group leader David Jamieson, commented: ‘I hope the Government will take notice and reconsider this policy.’ The government will no doubt note what has happened but it will not change its policy.

The Bedroom Tax is part of its all-out political drive – following the huge economic crisis that began with the massive banking collapses in 2008 – to make the working class, the middle class, the poor and the youth pay for this capitalist crisis. The Welfare State with its universal benefits, and the NHS, with its free treatment at the point of need, all have to go, since capitalism can no longer afford them. Society is to be pushed back to the 19th century, no matter how many suicides and other tragic events this causes.

The message is that the working class, the youth, the unemployed and the pensioners will have to accept what the system can afford.

This means that while bankers’ bonuses are sacred and untouchable, the rest of society has to put up with wage cuts, benefit cuts, pension cuts, job cuts, and the destruction of the housing benefit system, including the Bedroom Tax, no matter what the consequences.

There is no housing benefit at all for the under-35s and a £20-25 a week Bedroom Tax for every ‘spare’ bedroom, unless of course you are the Queen or part of her state-maintained entourage including enormous housing benefits of one kind or another.

It is either cough up and pay the extra, which most people cannot do, or move, or face eviction; or as in the case of this lady, go under and commit suicide.

Already ‘Social Landlords’ such as Genesis in Haringey have told tenants in a letter: ‘As you are aware there are significant changes being currently introduced to the welfare benefit system … In view of the changes, Genesis may need to return some of our properties to their owners. This is because our tenants may not be able to afford the rent that we charge …

‘In view of this, Genesis will now need to start legal proceedings to obtain a Possession Order on the property as we may need to terminate our lease with the property owner early … Generally, the court will make a possession order without a hearing … When the court makes a possession order, it will tell you when you have to leave the property. This will usually be within 14 days of the order.’ This is an attempt by landlords to terrify tenants.

Capitalism in crisis is creating absolutely unbearable conditions of life, conditions that will provoke many tragic events including suicides.

While seeking to maintain that they are acting humanely, the bosses and the bankers are rejoicing at the ‘new world’ they are creating.

Lord Young, a minister under Thatcher and now a Cameron adviser, has just briefed the cabinet, according to the Observer, ‘that a recession can be an excellent time to start a business … Factors of production such as premises and labour can be cheaper and higher quality’.

The slump and all of its appalling consequences are good for business!

We condemn the Bedroom Tax that caused the suicide of Stephanie Bottrill and the other class-war measures of Cameron and the coalition that are pushing millions over the abyss.

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