Cheney to jail for Nigeria corruption?

This video from the USA is called Halliburton provided contaminated water to soldiers.

From AFP news agency:

Interpol Arrest Warrant for Dick Cheney? Nigeria to Charge Former VP in Bribery Scandal

Nigerian authorities plan to charge ex-US vice president Dick Cheney in connection with a bribery scandal allegedly involving energy firm Halliburton, a spokesman for the anti-graft agency said Thursday.

Asked whether Cheney would be charged over the investigation into construction of a liquefied natural gas plant in southern Nigeria, Femi Babafemi said, “it’s true … definitely.”

The spokesman could not give details on the charges that he says are likely to be filed next week, but said “they are not unconnected to his role as the chief executive of Halliburton.”

A prosecutor on the case said Cheney would be charged jointly along with the former and current leadership of Halliburton and others.

Officials from companies in a consortium involved in the LNG plant would also be included in the charges to be “placed before the court at the latest by Tuesday of next week,” said Godwin Obla.

Cheney would face conspiracy charges and a Nigerian judge would be asked to issue an arrest warrant for him that would be transmitted to Interpol, said Obla.

“As the CEO of Halliburton, he has the responsibility for acts that occurred during that period,” Obla told AFP.

Nigeria’s Guardian newspaper also reported that Cheney would be charged. Halliburton‘s office in Lagos would not comment when reached by phone.

Cheney served as head of Halliburton before becoming vice president under George W. Bush in 2000.

The LNG case involves an alleged 182 million dollar cash-for-contract scandal over 10 years until 2005 over construction of the LNG plant in southern Nigeria. Halliburton has denied involvement in the allegations.

US authorities said last year that Halliburton and its former subsidiary Kellogg Brown and Root (KBR) had agreed to pay 579 million dollars in fines related to the case.

It was one of the biggest fines ever paid by US companies in a foreign corruption case.

In October, a Nigerian court charged a personal aide to ex-president Olusegun Obasanjo in a related probe.

Earlier this week, Nigerian anti-corruption authorities summoned a top local official from Halliburton as part of the investigation.

Authorities also raided Halliburton’s office in Lagos last week and detained 10 people — eight Nigerians and two expatriates — who have since been released as investigations continue. Documents were taken as well.

Nigeria is one of the world’s largest oil producers, but corruption remains deeply entrenched. Non-governmental organisations consistently rank the country as one of the world’s most corrupt.

Babafemi’s agency, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, was established to probe corruption allegations and has carried out a series of high-profile prosecutions.

Cheney was one of the United States’ most powerful and controversial vice presidents, as well as a driving force behind Bush’s “war on terror.”

He has struggled with a series of health problems related to heart ailments.

Posted at December 2, 2010, 8:47 am

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William Rivers Pitt, Truthout: “It is axiomatic by now: when someone leaves government service, especially a high-profile position, they write a book…. Speaking of damaging the republic, Dick Cheney has a book out. I’m sure you’ve heard about it by now; he laid the groundwork for its release by claiming the contents would cause heads to explode in Washington, causing everyone to say ‘Ooooh, this should be good.’ It isn’t, at all, but I must confess that my head did come very close to launching itself off my shoulders … not because of what’s in the book, but because I have to deal with the rancid reality of a free and unconvicted Dick Cheney appearing in the public eye once again. If there were any justice to be found in this deranged country, Dick Cheney would have penned his pestiferous, self-serving little memoir by the light of a bare bulb inside the cell of a federal prison”: here.

Dick Cheney really should be facing a war crimes tribunal: here.

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