KBR accused of poisoning workers in Iraq

This video from the USA is called Halliburton provided contaminated water to Soldiers.

From Associated Press in the USA:

June 21, 2008 09:32 PM

WASHINGTON – A Bella Vista man who worked as a contractor in Iraq says he lost his job after warning workers they were being exposed to a cancer-causing chemical there.

Ed Blacke, a former safety inspector for contracting giant KBR, told a congressional panel yesterday that his exposure to sodium dichromate in 2003 gave him chronic thyroid problems and early signs of cancer.

He said supervisors initially ignored his warnings about contamination at the Qarmat Ali water injection plant near Basra, Iraq. A spokeswoman for KBR, formerly a subsidiary of oil giant Halliburton later said safety and security of its employees is a top priority.

Nine workers have sued the company because of exposure to the toxic dust at Qarmat Ali. Information from: The Morning News, http://www.nwaonline.net/

Of course, Halliburton is the corporation of George W. Bush’s Vice President Dick Cheney.

7 thoughts on “KBR accused of poisoning workers in Iraq

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