14 thoughts on “KBR poisons soldiers, taxpayers paying

  1. The Government and military have been poisoning soldiers and civilians at least during and since the Viet Nam war . Always with justifications . Remember agent orange . I do ! The left wing news rags like to blame any conservative Republican , especially Dick Chaney the last few years for any perceived evil . In my opinion this is only to further the left wing agenda , destroy the Republican party and any potential new leadership . Who is ultimately responsible ? That would be the government and we the people for not holding our Representatives responsible for their actions . I believe both parties are equally responsible and as usual the taxpayers always end up paying the bill . This article appears to me as left wing politics , aka Propaganda !


    • Hi Steve,

      There is a lot about Agent Orange on this blog:


      The KBR poisoned soldiers, and the KBR gang rapes, and the KBR fraud in Iraq, and the Halliburton bribery in Nigeria etc. are not just “perceived evil”, but very real evil.

      Dick Cheney is arguably a much worse traitor to the USA than Benedict Arnold was in the eighteenth century.

      Yes, indeed there is the problem of the two party system in the USA, in which both official parties have links to Halliburton-style corporations.

      However, what Democratic President Johnson did in Vietnam does not diminish the guilt of KBR now one inch. Like what Nixon did, did not give any Democratic politician the right to be criminal to any extent.

      If my next door neighbour would turn out to be a murderer, that would not in the least diminish my guilt if I would murder as well.


      • Certainly two wrongs don’t make a right . How ever I do believe no matter what punishment the court hands down ,(Damages) the tax payer will be the ones paying . The exchanges describing how horrid and cruel each side is changes nothing nor will it benefit the victims past or future , and there will be future victims , there always is . A true sign of deep corruption ?. You say one parties evil actions do not diminish the evil acts of another and I agree . Still it continues with little hope for change as is apparent in many of the articles that you post . My main objection is how the political rags and political parties use these tragedies to further their political agenda , There is little hope for change as they move on to the next item in the news .
        Thanks for your response . I will check out your article on agent orange .


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