British colonialists rigged election before Nigerian independence

The video from the USA called Don’t Let Shell Kill Again.

It says about itself:

This video was edited from two films (by CATMA) to support the City of Berkeley’s boycott of Shell Oil Company because of its environmental impact on Nigeria and the death of Ken Saro-Wiwa with eight other environmental activists. This public policy video was developed as an information tool for Project Underground and was first seen at Berkeley’s City Council meeting before they voted to Boycott Shell Oil. Narrator: Carol Denney. More at

Another video which used to be on YouTube is called Angela Davis by Madonna Momoh. “An interview with Angela Davis who attended the Ken Saro-Wiwa Memorial “Remember Saro-Wiwa” in London City Hall. This event took place in November 2006″.

By Barry Mason:

BBC documentary

Britain rigged election before Nigerian independence

9 August 2007

A BBC radio documentary on the events leading up to the independence of Nigeria, Britain’s former colony, charged the British government with interference in the election to ensure the result was in line with its interests (see “Rigging Nigeria”).

The programme cited two files held in the British National archives covering the period leading up to independence in 1960 that to this day remain closed to the public and will remain closed for another 50 years.

One file contains material relating to the governor general at the time of independence, Sir James Robertson, and the other material on Dr Azikiwe, known as Zik, who was leader of the nationalist pro-independence political party, the National Council of Nigerian Citizens (NCNC).

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    Awareness through documentary films and music
    Thursday 18th October
    7pm – 2am
    @ The Salmon and Compass
    58 Penton Street , Angel , N1 9PZ
    Upstairs 7pm FILM 1: Music Is The Weapon – Dir Stephane Tchal-Gadjieff & Jean Jacques Flori. 1982, 53 mins. This documentary gives a rare insight into the public and private life of composer, Afrobeat pioneer and human rights activist Fela Anikulapo Kuti (1938-1997). The interviews cover his resistance to the Nigerian regime, his controversial polygamous lifestyle and an exploration of the political context of his work.
    8pm FILM 2: Nigeria’s Oil War Foreign Correspondent 2005, 18 mins
    The Niger Delta People’s Volunteer Force has brazenly stolen oil straight out of pipelines owned by some of the world’s biggest multinationals. The vast Niger Delta where they operate holds an estimated three percent of the world’s oil. This well organized crime gang has become a key player in the world’s most strategically important industry. Recently the price of oil rose to a record $50 a barrel when the market panicked after they threatened to cut-off the flow of oil.
    8.20pm FILM 2: Suffering and Smiling – Dir Dan Ollman, Nigeria/USA 2006, 65 mins.
    Focusing on Fela Kuti and his son Femi, Suffering and Smiling depicts the impact of their politically charged music. Following Nigeria ‘s independence in 1960, Fela used his songs to speak out against the country’s corrupt leaders. Since independence the military and political elite have enriched themselves by allowing Nigeria ‘s oil and natural resources to be stripped by multinational corporations with little benefit to ordinary Nigerians. Fela gave voice to Nigeria ‘s disenfranchised underclass and sang of a free and united Africa . Since Fela’s death, Femi has continued the legacy. Equally passionate and charismatic, he asks why the world’s most resource-rich continent has the poorest people, and carries a vision of better days ahead for the people of Nigeria .

    9.30pm Q&A & film discussion with Eki from ALISC, Molara Wood, Ben Amunwa (Remember Sarowiwa) and Ken Lewis-Allagoa The African Liberation Support Campaign Network (ALISC) is a democratic organisation led by Africans fighting oppression and tyranny in Africa, and racism in the West. Molara Wood is an independent Nigerian journalist ( Remember Saro-Wiwa uses public art and events to raise awareness about London ‘s social and ecological impact on the Niger Delta. ( Ken Lewis-Allagoa is Niger Delta lawyer and activist.

    MUSIC Downstairs 10.15pm : Live Performance from INEMO (Black Mango Music) – “Afro Funky Beats” OUT NOW on Black Mango Music: Inemo Samiama describes himself as representing a new generation of African musicians. From his earliest years Inemo was shaped and influenced by music. His father taught him to play, and at the age of 18 he formed the group Jah Stix with Majek Fashek. Debut album ‘Bushman’ (Mercury/Universal) mixed African melodies with techno, hip-hop, jungle, dub and ambient sounds. Following this huge success, Inemo was nominated for an RFI (Radio France Industry) Music Award as Best World Music Artist. Inemo has now decided to return to his roots. After three years of composing, recording and traveling between London , Paris and Africa , Inemo is back with a new album, Afro Funky Beats. With this album, Inemo demonstrates that his music can reinvent and enrich itself with new sounds, just like Fela Kuti, Salif Keita and Angelique Kidjo have done before him.

    Then SPECIAL GUEST PA from UK Hip Hop legend BLAK TWANG:
    Over a decade has passed since BLAK TWANG’S first ever foray into the British music scene. His most recent single is the head pounding, socially driven ‘Help Dem Lord’ from his forthcoming album ‘Speakin >From Xperience’. Born to Nigerian parents and growing up in South London , he is undoubtedly a pioneer of Hip Hop maintaining an infallible recognition of his roots in cultivating his own identity. //

    11.30pm-12.30: DJ ILKA: German born and raised but South London based for more than 15 years now, Ilka started djing in 2005. Her selection includes all things funky and African such as Coupe Decale, Kwaito, Afrobeat, Zouglou, Soukous, Naija Pop and more, but also the occasional Soca, Dancehall and Champeta as well as other global beats. As a freelance music publicist, Ilka works with labels like Out Here Records (Bassekou Kouyate), Analog Africa, Afrolution Records and Because Music as well as with artists directly, targeting specialist, BME (black minority ethnic) and mainstream media. Ilka is the content editor of the BBC’s African music site Africa On Your Street ( and she manages UK-based Nigerian hip-hop group JJC & 419 Squad and Lagos- based Reggae artist African China.

    Downstairs Bar til 2am: Afro-beats and grooves hosted by Kalabash Movement Resident DJs Supa Scion & Springfield
    Kalabash World is an organisation that seeks to promote awareness through film and music. Each event is designed to encourage recognition of the rich diversity between African Nations, to celebrate cultural heritage and explore socio-political situations. We aim to give a platform to Musicians and Independent film makers and encourage a wider audience to appreciate their works.

    Enquiries to
    Kalabash South Africa 15th November // Kalabash Ethiopia 17th Jan //

    1. SUNDAY 21 OCTOBER 2007 From 2pm to 5pm.

    SPEAKERS – Francisco Lopes, Mawete vo Teka Sala
    ROOM B102, School of Oriental & African Studies (SOAS), Brunei Gallery, 10 Thornhaugh Street ,
    London WC
    Contact : 07784089016


    Vernon Square Campus (Near Kings Cross), ROOM V111, School of Oriental & African Studies, Vernon Square (near Kings Cross & at junction of Kings Cross Road, Penton Rise and Weston Rise), London WC1
    Contact : or 07984405307


    One day conference on Elections and Democracy in Africa
    Saturday 8 December 2007

    10am – 5pm

    Room B111, Brunei Gallery, School of Oriental & African Studies (SOAS),
    Thornhaugh Street, London WC1
    Nearest tube – Russell Square; Buses – 7, 59, 68, 91, 168, 188

    Organised by African Liberation Support Campaign Network (ALISC Network) and the Centre for African Studies of the University of London.

    9.30am – Registration

    Morning Session: 10am – 11.45am
    1.Political Parties and Elections in Nigeria – Discussion of Book Review
    2. Chima Ubani – Legacy beyond the memoriam

    Lunch Session: 12.30pm to 3.00pm
    Elections & Democracy in Cameroon
    1. Jeremy Corbyn, MP (Experience from Burundi and DRC)
    2. Cllr Julius Nkafu, Africans for Labour
    3. Richard Tchoutezo, Cameroon Community Welfare and Development Association (CACOWEDA)

    Afternoon Session: 3.15pm to 5.00pm
    Zimbabwe: Critical and Non-Sectarian Solidarity in Struggle
    1. Alex Callinicos – Socialist Workers’ Party
    2. Representative of WOZA Solidarity
    3. Representative of Free Zim Youth

    To register contact: leave a message on 07984405307 or write to Elections and Democracy in Africa, P.O. Box 21266, London W9 3YR


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