USA: Halle Berry would like to play Angela Davis in a film

This video says about itself:

Inside USA – Angela Davis – 03 Oct 08 – Part 1

Part 2 is here.

From an interview in Latino Review (USA) with movie actress Halle Berry:

The only one that I would probably love to play probably later in life is Angela Davis.

She’s someone else that I really love and her life is so fascinating and her position that she was in, many people think that’s not sympathetic and they say, ‘You can’t make a movie about Angela Davis. You know who she was?’

Yes, I do, and that’s why I’d like to do a movie about her.

Angela Davis interview on civil liberties in the USA: here.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry Talks About Her Break Up, Motherhood & Her Love Of Being Naked: here.

13 thoughts on “USA: Halle Berry would like to play Angela Davis in a film

  1. i dont think u should do it i support all ur work and will probley go see it anyway but, for one she’s still around and still working her story is not over yet.


  2. Even though i didn’t see the movie I am thankful i found this because i am doing a project on Angela Davis and this will help alot.
    Thank you:)


  3. Please do a movie on Angela Davis. This woman has been one of the most critical figures in our history. She is the living embodiment of freewill combined with virtuosity, justice, and courage. Do a movie on Angela Davis. Let the world bear witness to woman in the zenith of her character.


  4. angela davis siempre szera ejemplo para todos en el presente y para las poximas geneaciones en el futuro.
    quisiera saber mas de ella ,mi hija de 12 a�os la admira,y qyisiera conocerla algun dia.adelante
    arnulfo y adriana(mi hija)


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