New Mark Fiore animation on Bush’s domestic spying in the USA

This video from the USA is called NSA Pressured LA Times To Kill Domestic Spying Story.

There is a new Mark Fiore animation on the Internet.

It is called Aye, Spy.

It is about George W. Bush’s domestic spying in the USA.

It is here.

Another video on that subject is here.

Domestic spying update, September 2007: here.

3 thoughts on “New Mark Fiore animation on Bush’s domestic spying in the USA

  1. Did you know AT&T and Verizon are capturing their customers’ phone conversations, and giving them to George Bush’s NSA?

    It would be nice if Harry Reid’s “Democratic” Senate stopped them when they vote on the Orwellian-named “Protect America Act” on Monday, but I’m not holding my breath and neither should you.

    Why not switch to a progressive phone company that doesn’t spy on you?

    Bob Fertik


  2. FISA Action in Senate Today
    Action Time Now

    Dear Friend,

    EFF/PFAW Grassroots Action Page

    EFF Call-in Page


    Your help is urgently needed to help defeat a Senate bill to revise FISA, the warrantless wiretapping surveillance program and provide sweeping, retroactive immunity, requested by the president, for telecommunications companies that participated in this program.

    President Bush is insisting that the phone companies need this immunity or we would be at risk of future terrorist attacks. I remain unconvinced that this is the case and the House passed bill did not include this measure. As I mentioned in previous emails about this issue, if the president was serious about keeping us safe from terrorism while advocating for this immunity, he would long ago have provided us with the necessary documents for Congress to review this program.

    In the Senate today, the pressure is on from Republicans to end debate and force a vote to grant phone companies retroactive immunity before any details of their activities is revealed.

    Your help is needed now. Contact your Senators today and ask them to vote no on today’s FISA cloture vote. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has an action page below that can help you reach your Senator now.

    Even after today, further efforts may be needed to make sure that a bad bill does not pass the Senate.

    Thank you for your help today and your continued support for a better democracy.

    Your Friend,

    John Conyers, Jr.


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