Polar bear videos

This video, recorded in Russia, says about itself:

For several years, increasing numbers of polar bears have been coming into towns in the Chukotka region, on the far north east coast of Russia. A local biologist believes this is because global warming has shrunk their sea ice habitat.

In response, Chukchi hunters worked with WWF to create the Umky, or Polar Bear Patrols, which watch for and intercept bears, using long sticks to drive the bears away, averting a more deadly conflict between bears and humans.

Umky Patrols are also protecting walrus haulouts in the area, and are sharing their knowledge and local experience with adapting to the changes in the Arctic region, most recently on a visit by 3 members of the Umky Patrol to communities in Alaska …. For more on the work WWF is doing in the Arctic, and on the Umky Patrol, please visit our website: http://www.panda.org/arctic

“Polar bears thrown under the big oil bus”: Nature’s Crusaders: here.

Here’s another polar bear video.

Polar bear cub video: here.

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