7 thoughts on “Nigerian workers resist price rises

  1. Zambian copper miners’ strike

    Miners at the Kansanshi mine, near the copper belt town of Chingola, went on strike on Tuesday, demanding a 100 percent pay increase. The wildcat action took place as management was in negotiations with the union.

    Kansanshi is a subsidiary of the Canadian-owned First Quantum mining company. The mine is Zambia’s largest copper mine, producing nearly a quarter of a million tonnes in 2010. Kansanshi spokesman Godfrey Msiska denounced the strike as illegal.


  2. Riot police attack petrol protests

    NIGERIA: Riot police broke up a mass protest over spiralling petrol prices at Kano’s central Silver Jubilee Square today with tear gas and baton charges, injuring over 300.

    The cost of fuel has more than doubled in the developing country since the government scrapped subsidies on Sunday.

    Demonstrations have erupted across Nigeria this week.

    Police reportedly shot dead a protester in Kwara state on Tuesday.


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