Bird-watching in Guyana

Red siskinFrom Stabroek News in Guyana:

Guyana impresses at British Bird-watching fair

Friday, September 1st 2006

A three-day British Bird-watching Fair hosted at Rutland Water, England in late August found the Guyana stand crowded by enthusiasts from around the world.

According to a press release from the Greenheart Trust participants at the Guyana booths displayed posters and leaflets that showcased far-flung birding destinations in the country, which were quickly pocketed by the visitors.

Indira Anandjit, president of the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) said, “The GTA is extremely pleased to be a partner and a part of the Greenheart Trust stand working together to promote Guyana” as the two groups share a common objective “to promote responsible eco-tourism and the preservation of Guyana’s magnificent natural and cultural heritage.”

Guyana participants included Diane McTurk of the Karanambu Trust, who gave a presentation on her twenty-year project based on the preservation of the giant otter in southern Guyana and Duane de Freitas of Rupununi Trails and the Dadanawa Ranch, who gave a slide presentation on the biodiversity of the Rupununi.

De Freitas’s presentation included photographs of the largest spider in the world and an image of an anaconda swallowing a seven-foot long boa constrictor which in turn had just swallowed a three foot iguana.

Additionally, representatives from the recently established South Rupununi Conservation Society which is described as a “grassroots indigenous organisation” devoted to the preservation of the Red Siskin and the maintenance of the cultural and environmental stability in the area participated and, Michael Lee, a representative from Rainforest Tours visited each stand to promote Guyana’s conservation organisations.

The release said the coastland bird checklist was prepared by Andy Narine of the Guyana Amazon Tropical Birds Society and the central Rupununi list was done by Kenneth Mandook of the Karanambu Ranch.

The Iwokrama checklist was particularly attractive as it was backed by displays of “the giants of El Dorado”- the harpy eagle, jaguar, giant anteater, arapaima, anaconda, black caiman, giant otter and the giant river turtle.

The release said the results of a survey that gauged visitor’s preference to travel to Guyana are to be published shortly.

Diane McTurk’s family is mentioned by Gerald Durrell in his Three singles to Adventure.

Wildlife and birds of Guyana: here. And here.

Birds in California: here.

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