European union bans import of wild birds

Yellow-crested cockatooFrom BirdLife:

Conservationists applaud EU decision to ban permanently wild bird trade


The EU Commission has announced that the ban on imports of birds caught in the wild is to be made permanent throughout the European Union later this year.

The move comes after a temporary ban was imposed within the EU in October 2005, after birds in a UK quarantine centre were found to have avian influenza.

“We fully applaud the decision made by the EU Standing Committee on the Food Chain and Animal Health.” said Dr Clairie Papazoglou, Head of European Division at BirdLife International.

“Banning the imports of birds caught in the wild is great news for bird conservation, even though the ruling has been made to limit the spread of disease, and not to conserve species.

Only if laws are made on the basis of conservation can we have more confidence in protecting those species that are threatened by trade.”

The ban is to take effect from the 1 July 2007.

The EU’s decision will heavily impact the illegal or unsustainable trade in wild birds that has decimated many species across the world.

Trapping for the bird trade is a threat for one in ten Globally Threatened Birds, and 57% of threatened parrot species.

Some are close to extinction, such as the Yellow-crested Cockatoo Cacatua sulphurea of East Timor and Indonesia; others are already Extinct in the Wild such as the Spix’s Macaw Cyanopsitta spixii of Brazil.

Further examples of species threatened by exploitation for the bird trade include the Red Siskin Carduelis cucullata in northern South America, Java Sparrow Padda oryzivora of Indonesia and the African Grey Parrot Psittacus erithacus.

Parrot smuggling in the USA: here.

Three Spix macaws, one of the world’s rarest birds, hatched in captivity: here.

Decline of birds in African Sahel: here.

October 2010: More than 500 African grey parrots were confiscated by the authorities in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). They have now being cared for at the Lwiro Primate Sanctuary: here.

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