New fish species in Pacific, Guyana, Brazil

This video is called Aquarium of the Pacific – Tropical Pacific Gallery (Part 3).

From Practical Fishkeeping:

Expeditions for two BBC documentaries have uncovered up to 15 new species [of] fish.

Dives down into the rarely explored ‘twilight zone’ of the Pacific Ocean uncovered thirteen new species during the filming of ‘Pacific Abyss‘.

Meanwhile, two species of fish believed to be new to science were discovered during an expedition into the Guyana rainforest, documented by the BBC in ‘Lost Land of the Jaguar’. …

Pacific Abyss …

Several more new Chromis species [apart from Chromis abyssus] have also been described from the expidition, along with at least one new species of Basslet (Plectranthias sp.), a hawkfish and a butterflyfish. …

Lost Land of the Jaguar

The largely undisturbed rainforest of Guyana was the location of BBC documentary Lost Land of the Jaguar. …

Among the new species candidates is a small banded characin (Hemiodus sp.), which was netted near the research teams’ base camp. A parasitic catfish of the genus Vandellia – to which the renown Candiru belong – was also discovered.

Candiru: here.

Also, in Brazil: New knifefish described.

South American electric knifefishes of the genus Archolaemus (Ostariophysi, Gymnotiformes): undetected diversity in a clade of rheophiles: here.

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