Clerical child abuse and candidate Kamala Harris

This 9 June 2019 video from the USA says about itself:

As San Francisco DA, Kamala Harris‘s Office Stopped Cooperating With Victims of Clergy Abuse

Kamala Harris, surrounded by thousands of cheering supporters, kicked off her [Democratic party] presidential campaign in Oakland earlier this year, declaring that she has always fought “on behalf of survivors of sexual assault, a fight not just against predators but a fight against silence and stigma.”

Harris specialized in prosecuting sex crimes and child exploitation as a young prosecutor just out of law school. But when it came to taking on the Catholic Church, survivors of clergy sexual abuse say that Harris turned a blind eye, refusing to take action against clergy members accused of sexually abusing children when it meant confronting one of the city’s most powerful political institutions.

Hear one survivor’s story here, or visit our website to read the full story.

25 thoughts on “Clerical child abuse and candidate Kamala Harris

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