Corporate Democrat Kamala Harris stops presidential campaign

This 3 December 2019 video from the USA says about itself:

BREAKING: Kamala Harris Has DROPPED OUT of the 2020 Primaries

Jenn Dize reports on Senator Kamala Harris’ exit out of the 2020 Democratic primary and breaks down the real reasons why this has happened.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Californian senator Kamala Harris will step out of the race for the Democratic candidacy for the US presidency. Sources close to her campaign team have announced this.

At the beginning of her candidacy in January, Harris (55) was seen as a promising, relatively young candidate, but her popularity has fallen sharply. An empty campaign war chest forced Harris to fire part of her campaign staff last month. …

Even though a recent, November 21, 2019, news item had still headlined: ‘Kamala Harris has more billionaire donors than any other Democrat running for president’. And still, not enough money for campaigning? Maybe because most non-billionaire people did not give even one cent to Ms Harris?

At the second election debate last June, she blamed her competitor Joe Biden for having supported racist policies in the past and recently praising racists.

Yes, that was one of the few good things Ms Harris ever did.

Let us be relieved that Ms Harris will not be able to continue her policies as a public prosecutor of harshly and massively incarcerating poor people for smoking marijuana; while letting Trump administration billionaire Steve Mnuchin and child-abusing Roman Catholic priests off the hook, this time from the White House.

One should hope that other Wall Street Democratic party presidential candidates, like Biden, Bloomberg and Buttigieg, will follow Ms Harris’ good example and stop their campaigns.

4 thoughts on “Corporate Democrat Kamala Harris stops presidential campaign

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