Little owl and Ouwehand’s zoo, 26 April

Little owl, 26 April 2018

26 April 2018 started with the same little owl on the same willow as on 25 April (with a little more sunlight).

This 2017 video is about Ouwehand’s zoo in Rhenen in the Netherlands.

We went to Ouwehand’s zoo later on 26 April.

Part of the zoo is the Bear Forest.

This is a 2012 Dutch rap song about that Bear Forest.

In the Bear Forest, brown bears which used to be mistreated, forced to perform tricks on streets, bears which would not be able to survive in the wild, can recover in a big area with trees, a waterfall, rocks, a pond, etc.

We asked a Bear Forest information lady: there are twelve brown bears here, do they quarrel? No, they never quarrel, as there is enough space. One thing is especially moving about the bears. When they were forced to perform tricks, they had to do that the whole year, summer or winter. But as soon as they arrived here, they were able to have their natural rhythm of hibernation again.

The lady showed several replicas of bear skulls. The biggest one was of an, extinct, cave bear. The second biggest one was of the biggest bear species alive now: the polar bear. And the smallest skull replica was of a red panda.

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