Butterflies, flowers and little owl

Lady's smock, Lienden, 25 April 2018

After the morning of 25 April 2018 around Lienden in the Netherlands, the afternoon in the same area.

An orange-tip butterfly. A speckled wood butterfly.

Cow parsley, 25 April 2018

There were flowers, like cow parsley

Buttercups, 25 April 2018

… and buttercups and grass …

Dandelions and horsetails, 25 April 2018

and faded dandelions. And horsetails (a plant group, older than the dinosaurs and still alive).

Little owl, 25 April 2018

The little owl was still present at the polled willow.

Green-veined white butterfly, 25 April 2018

Finally, this green-veined white butterfly.

6 thoughts on “Butterflies, flowers and little owl

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