Penguins and herons at Ouwehand zoo

This is a warthog video.

Last Saturday at Ouwehand Zoo in Rhenen, of course there was not just the aquarium. There were warthog piglets.

When keepers fed the Humboldt penguins fish, that attracted three grey herons. And a lesser black-backed gull: rather far from the coastal habitat of this marine species. And a white stork, from the local stork nest above the bateleur eagle cage.

Two Red River Hogs were born unexpectedly in early May at Bioparc Valencia in Spain. These colorful wild boars live in the African equatorial forest, typically near water: here.

July 2011: The first African penguin to be fitted with a satellite transmitter has been released into the wild off the coast of South Africa: here.

4 thoughts on “Penguins and herons at Ouwehand zoo

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