Wildlife in Amsterdam city, film review

This December 2017 video is the trailer of Dutch film De wilde stad.

The Internet Movie Data Basa says about it:

The city [Amsterdam] from the unique perspective of the many wild animals and plants that inhabit it. Seen through the eyes of the adventurous urban cat, Abatutu.

I went to see that film on 25 March 2018.

The movie shows, eg, red squirrels in parks. They can cross dangerous streets between parks by wildlife bridges. When the squirrels eat nuts, some nuts fall down from the trees. We then see how a wood mouse eats such nuts.

Many swifts nest in Amsterdam. Swift couples nest together for life. The film records how a male and a female swift meet again at the nest after migration from Africa, and warmly greet each other.

We also see young ring-necked parakeets at their nest in a hole in a tree.

And young Egyptian geese. And coots, building nests in the Amsterdam canals with twigs, plastic and flowers. And peregrine falcons nesting on high rise buildings.

And red swamp crayfish, invasive animals from North America.

Red foxes, rats and gulls profit from garbage. So do grey herons, which have a big colony in local Artis zoo.

There are many bees in Amsterdam, as there are more flowers now in the city than in ‘agribusiness’ countryside.

6 thoughts on “Wildlife in Amsterdam city, film review

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