First squirrel bridge in Amsterdam

This video is about a red squirrel in Amsterdam.

Translated from Radio 1 in the Netherlands, 27 April 2012:

Two separate red squirrel populations have been linked this week. The Chips of the Amsterdam Forest are now able to use bridges of over 300 meters in length across some busy roads to pass safely to the Dales in the Amstelpark. A scoop!

This is said to be the first bridge for squirrels in Europe. Maybe the first one of the European continent, as such bridges already exist in Scotland.

Also translated from Dutch Radio 1:

For the paltry sum of 20,000 euros, Amsterdam gets six new bridges today. It costs so little because of the users, squirrels and pine martens.

There are also bridges, overpasses and underpasses for many other animal species.


12 thoughts on “First squirrel bridge in Amsterdam

    • Thanks for your comment! At the moment, probably not many squirrels will cross yet. However, later in summer, young squirrels will have to find a place of their own, and then they will probably use the bridges.


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