Trump, Hitler on German carnival float

Trump, Hitler on German carnival float, AFP photo

At this time of the year, it is the carnival festival in Germany and many other countries. This photo shows a carnival float in Düsseldorf city in Germany.

The caption says: ‘Blond is the new brown’ (brown was the colour of the uniforms of Adolf Hitler‘s SA paramilitary gangs).

Paradoxically, of the four xenophobic politicians depicted on the float with blond hair, not one is really blond. Marine Le Pen of the French National Front dyes her hair blonde. So does Geert Wilders of the Dutch PVV. United States President Donald Trump has orange rather than blond hair. As for Adolf Hitler, on the far right of the float: official nazi ideology claimed that the supposed ‘real Aryan race’ had blond hair. The fuehrer Hitler, however, had black hair.

Erdogan on carnival float, AFP photo

Another carnival float in Germany mocked Turkish President Erdogan; holding a book called ‘dictatorship‘.

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP TO SELL VISION FOR BUDGET IN TONIGHT’S ADDRESS TO A JOINT SESSION OF CONGRESS As well as explain his plans for deep cuts to the EPA, State Department, and other parts of the federal budget in order to pay for a hike in military spending. Cuts to entitlement programs are not currently on the chopping block, which could cause tensions with Republicans in Congress. And try your hand at balancing the federal budget with this interactive. [HuffPost]

In an interview airing this morning on “Fox and Friends,” the president [Trump] says he believes Barack Obama is behind the town hall protests

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