Accusation of anti-Semitism in Belgium

This March 2019 video is called Belgian carnival float depicting Jewish stereotypes condemned as anti-Semitic.

This tweet by CIDI in the Netherlands is about a carnival float in Aalst, Belgium, accused of anti-Semitism.

A few years ago, there was a better carnival float in Germany. And a better one in the Netherlands.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Anger about Belgian carnival float with caricatures of Jews

A carnival float in the Belgian city of Aalst with dolls picturing stereotype orthodox Jews with hooked noses and money bags has aroused the anger of Jewish interest groups in Belgium and the Netherlands. The Belgian Forum of Jewish Organizations (FJO) and the overarching Coordination Committee have filed a complaint with the authorities involved and the Belgian racism watchdog Unia.

The latter reported last week that the number of reports of anti-Semitism in Belgium almost doubled in the past year from 56 in 2017 to 101 last year. In the years before, the number of reports fluctuated.

The Jewish organizations compare the float with stereotypes like in nazi newspaper Der Sturmer. “The crooked noses and the suitcases with money are typical of the nazism of 1939“, the FJO writes on its website. Humour must be possible, but according to the organization a limit has been crossed here. The Dutch Center for Information and Documentation Israel [CIDI] shares these objections.

Sabbath year

The carnival group De Vismooil’n made the Jewish caricatures because of a ‘sabbatjoor’, a sabbatical year. In Belgian carnival jargon this means that they are more economical this year in order to have a more expensive float next year. …

The mayor of Aalst

Christoph D’Haese, of the right-wing N-VA party

supports the carnival group. He tells Het Laatste Nieuws daily that they “had no intentions to hurt”.

See also here.

7 thoughts on “Accusation of anti-Semitism in Belgium

  1. “Accusations”?! It’s a float depicting over-exaggerated Jewish Shnozes on Orthodox Jews with payot and streimels… holding bags of money, surrounded by coins, and with rats crawling on their shoulders. There’s photos and video. Which you know given you posted one such photo

    This is not an “accusation of antisemitism”. It is overtly and publicly expressed antisemitism. Full stop.


    • Hi MelPom4, I think the readers of this blog are intelligent enough to draw their own conclusions (like you do). Without me treating like them ignorant children, dragging them to the conclusion with exclamation marks and CAPITAL LETTERS. I’d say the more subtle links in the blog post to the German and Dutch carnival floats say enough.

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