Brazil’s Bolsonaro attacks carnival

This 1 March 2019 music and dancing video from Brazil is about the Rio de Janeiro Carnival 2019.

Now, the newly elected extreme right president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, has attacked carnival.

Why? Because of the anti-Semitic carnival float recently in Aalst, Belgium? No way. Bolsonaro does not mind Jew-haters; as long as they make an exception for one Jew, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.

As this Instagram entry shows, Bolsonaro’s campaign got help from the anti-Semitic ex-adviser of Donald Trump, Steve Bannon.

Why, then, does Bolsonaro attack carnival? Because white men a few years ago harassed a female Belgian TV journalist sexually during carnival in Germany? No way. Being a misogynist, Bolsonaro does not mind.

Why? Because a few years ago, a carnival float in the Netherlands campaigned for conservation of a rare butterfly species? That at first sight might be a plausible reason. Bolsonaro hates wildlife, especially Brazilian wildlife. But no, Bolsonaro did not mention the Dutch butterflies.

Why? Because a few years ago, a carnival float in Germany lampooned Adolf Hitler, Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders? That at first sight might be a plausible reason. Bolsonaro likes these four fellow right-wingers, especially Trump. But no, Bolsonaro did not mention the German carnival revelers lampooning these right-wing politicians.

Why, then?

Translated from (center right) Belgian daily De Standaard today:

Brazilian president denounces ‘immodest‘ carnival with an explicit video

Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro has questioned the exuberant carnival celebrations in his country in a post on Twitter. He did that with a very explicit video made during a street party. But in a country where carnival is almost sacred, the criticism is not agreed with by many people.

Bolsonaro shared a short film in which two scantily clad men can be seen at a carnival party.

To the homophobe Bolsonaro that looks like being gay. And Bolsonaro very much prefers two men killing each other to two men kissing each other. Especially if the killer is a far-right man, and the person killed a gay leftist man (or, still more preferably to Bolsonaro, a leftist lesbian woman.)

At one point one of the men bends forward, after which the other pees over his head.

Apparently, Bolsonaro making ‘fake news‘; like a Dutch daily’s tweet about Donald Trump’s supposed ‘golden shower’ was fake news.

“I do not feel comfortable showing this, but the population deserves to know the truth. This is what the carnival has become in many places. Look and draw your conclusions’, writes Bolsonaro in his tweet.

A remark that to many Brazilians sound like cursing in a church. The South American country has been organizing the most famous carnival party in the world for decades, attracting tens of thousands of tourists every year from far and wide. Local samba schools start months in advance with the preparations and organize spectacular parades and gigantic street parties.

Isolated incident

Many Brazilian Twitterers therefore note that the video that Bolsonaro shares is not representative of carnival as a whole, and only shows an isolated incident. Well-known Brazilians are also involved in the debate.

“I’ve seen so many beautiful things again at the recent carnival party. And then I see on Twitter this by the president of our country, who also shares this with all the children who follow him?’ eg, television presenter Astrid Fontenelle tweeted.

Critics of Bolsonaro also believe that the Brazilian president is attacking street parties because during the past few weeks during several of those parties there were demonstrations against his government. In addition, during the latest edition of the carnival, quite some revelers were dressed up as Bolsonaro, or their costumes referred to the allegations of his involvement in money laundering.

Brazil’s new president tweeted a very NSFW video of a “golden shower” in an apparent attempt to disparage Carnival participants and push his homophobic agenda.

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