Vote against Ukraine-EU trade deal in referendum, Party for the Animals says

This is a Dutch video by the Party for the Animals. It is about the 6 April 2016 referendum in the Netherlands about the association trade deal between the European Union and Ukraine. There are plenty of arguments for voting No. Like bloody human rights violations in Ukraine; violent neo-nazis being part of the Ukrainian political establishment; Ukrainian political establishment involvement in theft of seventeenth century art from a Dutch museum; etc.

The Party for the Animals names still more arguments. Some of them on this web page; some in this video.

The video says about itself (translated):

March 24 2016

The largest poultry company in Ukraine, Myronivsky Hliboproduct (MHP), slaughters annually 332 million (factory produced broiler) chickens and exports more than 140,000 tons of chicken meat per year. Also MHP produces foie gras: fatty liver of force-fed ducks and geese. [Dutch banks] Rabobank and ING invest 170 million euros in this huge chicken factory and the European development banks also agreed to join with hundreds of millions.

Altogether this gigantic factory farming corporation gets nearly 1 billion euros of aid from European banks, governments and credit insurers. Your NO vote on April 6 can cause Ukrainian unfair competition to European farmers. Do you not want to be associated with ill treated chickens, giant mega factory farms and battery cages? Say No on April 6!

7 thoughts on “Vote against Ukraine-EU trade deal in referendum, Party for the Animals says

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