Ukrainian president, many other rich people, in Panama scandal

This video says about itself:

Panama Papers Leak In A Nutshell

3 April 2016

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

“Ukrainian president also named in Panama Papers”

Petro Poroshenko funneled money away towards the Virgin Islands

Today, 09:08

Ukraine and Russia are mentioned often in the Panama Papers. Two days before the Dutch referendum on the EU treaty with Ukraine this is painful for Ukrainian president Poroshenko, says NOS correspondent David Jan Godfroid.

But it is not surprising. Godfroid: “Poroshenko before he became president owned a candy and chocolate corporation that he actually still owns.

Poroshenko is not just a candy and chocolate billionaire; also a weapons billionaire.

Profits according to the Panama Papers have been diverted to the British Virgin Islands. This association of the president with tax dodging is not good for him of course, and certainly not at this time.”

The publicity is also not good for Russia. Although President Putin is not named, many of his confidants are.

See also here.

Icelandic Prime Minister Had Stake In Failed Banks, Leaks Suggest. Leaked documents show he and his wife were creditors to three banks that failed in 2008: here.

Britain: David Cameron’s father ‘ran offshore fund that paid zero UK tax for 30 years’: here.

David Cameron’s father and prominent Tories named in ‘Panama Papers’ leak. More than 11 million documents show how the rich and powerful conceal their wealth: here.

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