‘Dutch voters will reject Ukraine treaty’

This video in English from the Netherlands says about itself:

Ukraine: give back stolen art!

6 December 2015

Valuable paintings that were stolen from the Westfries Museum in The Netherlands in 2005, have turned up on the battlefield in Ukraine. The museum calls on anybody that knows where these paintings are, to return them to their rightful owners.

Vrouw Wereld, by Jacob Waben

This picture shows the painting Vrouw Wereld, made by Dutch painter Jacob Waben in 1622. One of 24 ancient paintings (including work by, eg Jan van Goyen) and much silver, stolen in 2005 from the Westfries Museum in the Netherlands.

Meanwhile, the Westfries Museum has found out that the Ukrainian secret police, the neo-fascist Svoboda party and extreme right paramilitary outfits linked to the Ukrainian political establishment, are behind this art robbery.

So, it is hardly surprising that most voters in the Netherlands are not enthusiastic about concluding an economic treaty with a government where crimes like this happen. A treaty also which, like similar treaties such as TTIP, damages pro-consumer and pro-environment rules in the name of ‘free’ trade. A treaty which threatens to have Ukrainian small farmers crushed by the likes of Monsanto.

From Politico.eu:

Dutch voters overwhelmingly reject agreement with Ukraine: poll

Commission President Juncker says it could spark ‘continental crisis.’

By Laurens Cerulus

1/9/16, 2:16 PM CET

Updated 1/10/16, 10:51 AM CET

A majority of Dutch voters is opposed to the Netherlands’ ratification of the European Union’s association agreement with Ukraine, a new poll ahead of an April 6 referendum on the issue showed Saturday.

The poll, conducted by the Dutch public broadcaster’s program EenVandaag, is the first barometer on the April 6 vote. It found that over 50 percent of voters “are certain” to reject the Ukraine agreement, while another quarter of respondents said they’ll “likely” reject the deal.

Over half of respondents also said they will certainly cast a ballot, while another 17 percent said they’d “most likely” vote. The threshold for the referendum to be taken into account is a turnout of 30 percent.

Recent polls reveal a collapse in support for the Ukrainian government of Petro Poroshenko, which was voted into office in the aftermath of a Western-backed coup in February 2014. The decline in popularity for Poroshenko, which extends to all the country’s political parties and institutions, explodes the myth that the right-wing Maidan “revolution” was a democratic transformation. According to Gallup polls recently conducted in the country, only 17 percent of Ukrainians now support the president. That is down from a high of 47 percent immediately after his election in May 2014. His approval rating is now lower than that of former President Viktor Yanukovych, which stood at 29 percent when was driven from office: here.

12 thoughts on “‘Dutch voters will reject Ukraine treaty’

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  7. I didn’t vote for several reasons
    1: The referendum was set up under false pretences as admitted by the organisers
    2: We know by now the current government can’t be trusted, they will just ignore it while trying to give those no voters the idea “that they will be listend to and it will be reflected in how it will work out eventually”
    3: It will be a cold day in hell before I vote for a geen stijl/pvv initiative


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