Dutch banks invest in nuclear weapons

This video from 2016 is called Why You Should Care About Nukes. For info about divesting from nuclear weapons companies, go here.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Banks invest in nuclear weapons industry

Updated: Wednesday, 13 February 2013, 21:39

Seven banks and insurance corporations have purchased for their customers stocks and bonds of companies which make or maintain nuclear weapons. This is often done through mutual funds, Nieuwsuur TV show reports. In practice, customers often do not know exactly what is done with their money.

The largest investors according to the Fair Bank Guide are ING (658 million euros), Aegon (553 million), Rabobank (85 million) and ABN Amro (7.6 million).

Rabobank also has borrowed 6.3 million to the Indian nuclear weapons program. This direct loan was still under the old criteria and will finish after March 1, the bank said.

See also here.

This is not just a Dutch problem.

Don’t Bank on the Bomb; The Financing of Nuclear Weapons Producers: here.

18 thoughts on “Dutch banks invest in nuclear weapons

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