No Iraq war re-start, Party for the Animals says

This music video from the USA says about itself:

David Rovics: Operation Iraqi Liberation (Oil)

David performs one of his songs about the war in Iraq, “Operation Iraqi Liberation (Oil)” in Port Townsend, WA at the Quimper Unitarian Universalist Fellowship.

Lyrics are here.

Besides the biggest opposition party in the Dutch Parliament, the Socialist Party, the Party for the Animals opposes re-starting the Iraq war as well.

This is a translation of parts of the speech by its party leader, Ms Marianne Thieme, in the Dutch parliament on 17 September 2014:

In a world on fire, where conflicts cross borders without a clear division between good and evil forces, the [Dutch] Ministry of Foreign Affairs looks at solutions like those tried before: military interventions.

So far, these interventions in distant lands with cultures other than ours have exacerbated conflicts and left countries in chaos. Who are our friends, allies and enemies, and exactly which countries are ambiguous? We know the examples of weapons gone to Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya and which are now in the hands of warring parties that can hardly be seen as allies. What effects do sanctions have? What is the best way to fight acts of terrorism?

Is that with fighter jets or are there other means? This government does not yet answers these questions, the defense lobby does, however. It makes use of the sense of insecurity to get more money to defense: weapons as ‘solutions’ to questions that have not even asked yet, questions about the causes of the conflicts and our own role in them. The geopolitical interests often seem to weigh heavier than human rights, which mainly serve as an alibi to deploy heavy weapons. … Apparently it is especially important to get those oil fields intact into our own hands, and the bombing of other goals is more efficient in the plans of the “liberators”.

Libya: Send us more arms or face wider terrorism threat: here.

10 thoughts on “No Iraq war re-start, Party for the Animals says

  1. Long time over due, the party for the animals, every day many people get cruelty to animals, and many wonder who these people are that victimize animals, In WW1, I believe their were some 10 million horses killed in this war, I believe that figure is what Britain sent to war, it is incredible to me that war should still exist, I am amazed at our leaders who seem to have no problem with war, it is my belief that reasons for war are for the benefit for the few, it is not for me to say who is the instigators of war, as I have a issue with the site, convener.


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