Dutch fundamentalist Christian murderer convicted in Belgium

This video from the USA says about itself:

30 November 2015

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz is the latest presidential candidate trying to downplay the role anti-abortion rhetoric may have played in motivating the Planned Parenthood shooting in Colorado Springs Friday afternoon. When a reporter asked him at an Iowa campaign stop Sunday evening about suspect Robert Lewis Dear saying he was motivated by “no more baby parts,” Cruz countered that he’s also been reported to be a “transgendered [sic] leftist activist.”

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Another video from the USA used to say about itself:

Rachel Maddow: Ted CRUZ Still DEFENDS Anti-Abortion TERRORISTS

1 December 2015

Rachel outlines some of the history of threats and attacks on abortion providers and facilities across the U.S., and reviews what little is known so far about the Colorado Springs shooter. She also singles out Republican Senator [and presidential candidate] Ted Cruz, for his bizarre & distinctly unpresidential response to the murder of the terrorist victims.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Suspect of murder of Els Borst gets jail in Belgium

Today, 13:00

Bart van U., who is suspected of murdering prominent D66 politician Els Borst,

As Minister of Health, Ms Borst had liberalized rules on abortion.

has been sentenced in Belgium to eight months in prison. His lawyer confirmed that to the Algemeen Dagblad daily. U. was in October 2013, shortly before the death of Ms Borst, arrested in front of the Israeli embassy in Brussels.

He had knives and a bullet casing in his pocket and carried a letter with him saying he feared that an attack could be perpetrated on him. U. was arrested in a confused state and later placed in a Belgian psychiatric hospital.

He left the clinic before the period of his compulsory admission was over.


Van U. is imprisoned in the Penitentiary Psychiatric Centre in Scheveningen. Last month, he tried a failed escape attempt.

Except for the murder of Ms Borst he should stand trial for the murder of his sister.

His sister Lois disagreed with his fundamentalist religious views.

In that case, he has confessed.

If Bart van U. would have been a Muslim instead of an ultra-orthodox Christian and an Islamophobe, then corporate media all over the world would have called him a ‘terrorist’. However, like with anti-abortion murderer Robert Lewis Dear in Colorado, USA, many media don’t.

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