God ordered me to murder liberal minister, fundamentalist Christian says

Bart van U. on trial, ANP drawing

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Man who killed [liberal Dutch government minister] Els Borst reiterates murder was ‘commanded by God’

Today, 10:46

Bart van U., the man who killed former minister Els Borst and his own sister, reiterated to the court in Rotterdam that he was on a “divine mission”. He pointed out at the beginning of the trial that Ms Borst was responsible for the [liberalisation of the] euthanasia policy in the Netherlands. …

About the knife that he used van U. said he always had a knife with him. He does not want to answer the question where he left it. …

Van U. is on trial in two murder cases. He has admitted that he killed Borst and his sister.

Van U. murdered his sister Loïs because she had more liberal views than him on euthanasia and abortion.

Another, surviving, sister of Bart van U. was a witness today at the trial of her brother, whom she called ‘the murderer’. She said that because of Bart’s murders, her children are still afraid to go out shopping.

Let us suppose that this ‘pro-life’ murderer would not have been fundamentalist Christian Bart van U., but ultra-orthodox Muslim Mohamed U; committing the same crimes for the same reason.

Then, western corporate media and United States Republican politicians Donald Trump and Ted Cruz would not have stopped talking about what U.’s crimes supposedly say about Islam in general. Now, however, that Bart van U. is not a Muslim, (correctly) you don’t hear that all Christians are supposedly like him.

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