United States anti-abortion anti-women terrorism

This video from the USA says about itself:

Domestic Terrorism is Terrorism

3 December 2015

Tell the Department of Justice to investigate domestic terror attacks at Planned Parenthood. Patient safety MUST be protected. Call (202) 353-1555.

In a demonstration of the backwardness and reactionary character of Australian capitalist law, a 12-year-old child from the regional city of Rockhampton was forced to apply to Queensland’s state Supreme Court recently for the right to an abortion: here.

28 thoughts on “United States anti-abortion anti-women terrorism

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  2. Ninety-three.

    That’s the number of abortion clinics that have been targeted and attacked since 1995.1

    While the vast majority of patients will never see a protester, much less an attack, the recent attack on the Planned Parenthood in Colorado was hardly an anomaly. It comes on the heels of five other attacks since July, and ninety-three in just the past two decades. Yet the Department of Justice refuses to investigate the recent spike in attacks for what they are: domestic terrorism.2

    Seeing the attacks mapped out over time shows how big a problem this is–and now you can see it on our new site, StopClinicTerror.org. Every dot has a story of destruction, and sometimes of death–all in the name of denying women access to abortion. The Department of Justice doesn’t exist in a vacuum and will respond to overwhelming public pressure. That’s why you need to check out this new site and share it widely to get people talking about this growing epidemic.

    map of clinic attacks.

    Terrorism, plain and simple, is using violence to achieve political aims. It’s hard to deny that these attacks fit the definition. These attacks are designed to inspire fear and keep people away from clinics. Fortunately, Planned Parenthood and others are standing in defiance of that fear, declaring “these doors stay open,” because they know that there are millions of women who rely on their services every year.

    It’s time for this terrorism to stop.

    Please check out the website, and then share it widely.


    –Nita, Shaunna, Kat, Karin, Adam, Holly, Kaili, Kathy, Onyi, Susan, Clarise, Anathea, Audine, Ryan, Shannon, Vanessa, Megan, Kaytee, and Libby, the UltraViolet team


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  13. Google is putting vulnerable women in danger.

    Two years ago, under pressure from our allies at NARAL, Google agreed to take down a slew of ads from “crisis pregnancy centers” (CPCs) — fraudulent medical centers that lure women in to harass them out of seeking an abortion.1

    But like these centers themselves, Google lied. UltraViolet members and staff just uncovered more of these ads across four states — and two million women a month who search “abortion” or “abortion clinic” are seeing them.2

    Google is helping trick women in vulnerable positions who end up wasting their time and money to be lured into false clinics where they are harassed, yelled at, and lied to. But public pressure has led Google to enforce its honest advertising policies before — we can make them do it again. Can you sign the petition?

    Tell Google: “Keep your word. Take down ads that intentionally lie to women seeking information about abortion.”
    Sign the petition

    If a woman clicks through on one of these misleading ads and makes an appointment, she might think she’ll see a real medical provider, and she won’t know what she’s gotten into until she spends time and money–perhaps even finding child care–to get to a CPC in person. Once there, she’ll likely face manipulation, misinformation, and even shame. Examples include:

    Giving misleading and dangerous medical advice. In one case, a CPC lured women in by offering a free ultrasound and told them, “You should realize you may not need an abortion! About 1 in 4 pregnancies ends naturally, in what is called a miscarriage or spontaneous abortion,” going on to encourage visitors to “come in today to see if you are a candidate for natural pregnancy termination.”

    Counseling women to stay in an unsafe environment. In another case, a CPC counselor spoke with a young mother of two who was considering an abortion because her boyfriend was abusive, and she needed to do what was best for her children. The counselor argued for her to stay in the abusive relationship, telling her, “for all you know, the baby changes him.”

    Telling women that abortion causes cancer, sterility, and psychological damage, all of which are blatant lies.3

    The problem is that these anti-choice ads look harmless–and are designed to trick women. Medical fraud centers need to play by the same advertising rules as everyone else. A woman using the search terms “abortion clinic” likely is seeking abortion care, which CPCs do not provide. Women deserve medically accurate, unbiased information, not lies and deception. UltraViolet members have no tolerance for ads that seek to deceive women, and neither should Google.

    Sign the petition demanding Google keep its word, and take down ads that intentionally lie to women seeking abortion information.

    Thanks for speaking out.

    –Nita, Shaunna, Kat, Karin, Adam, Holly, Kaili, Kathy, Onyi, Susan, Anathea, Audine, Shannon, Megan, Libby, and Emma, the UltraViolet team


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