Dutch televangelist orders devotees to break with family, friends

Dutch televangelist David Maasbach

David Maasbach is a Dutch Pentecostalist fundamentalist Christian televangelist. On Sundays, he preaches on SBS6 TV network. He inherited a religious business empire from his father Johan Maasbach. The million euro empire includes nine churches in the Netherlands, two in Brazil and one in Switzerland.

The ‘Reverend’ Maasbach calls himself The One Anointed by the Lord, a July 20-6 report by Robin de Wever in the Netherlands says. He preaches that the Last Judgment is near. In these our times, when the End is at hand, Satan is extremely active. The devil tries to undermine obedience to The One Anointed by the Lord, to Maasbach. Even the smallest criticism of Maasbach is supposedly proof that the critic is a tool of Satan.

Robin de Wever interviewed seven ex-Maasbach devotees, who all confirmed that it is Maasbach’s policy that his followers should break with their family and friends; as Maasbach’s cult-like empire is suppossedly their True Family. Eg, Marcel van Dam used to make videos for Maasbach’s empire. When his mother became ill, he wanted to spend less time on the videos as he wanted to care for his mother. David Maasbach considered that rebellion against Jesus and The One Anointed by the Lord. In a sermon, with Van Dam present, he warned against Satan, naming Van Dam as influenced by the devil. Later, Maasbach expelled Van Dam; meaning that people still in the church were banned from talking or any other form of contact with Marcel van Dam.