Dutch religious fundamentalist confesses political murders

Bart van U. in court, drawing

This drawing shows Dutch self-confessed political murderer, Christian religious fundamentalist Bart van U., standing trial for the murder of a liberal politician, ex vice prime minister Ms Els Borst.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Bart van U.: I murdered Els Borst because of her euthanasia law

Today, 14:14

The suspect in the murder of former minister Els Borst has made a confession in court. Bart U. cites as his motive that Ms Borst was responsible for the euthanasia law. He called the killing an “order by God“.

Like Tony Blair considered the bloody Iraq war. Showing, after other examples eg in the USA, how murderous some self-styled ‘pro life’ people are.

Ms Els Borst

Ms Borst’s political party D66 said that her family asked people not to contact them, so they would be able to grieve out of the limelight.

Ms Borst had not only liberalized euthanasia, but abortion as well. Also anathema to religious fundamentalists like Bart van U. Bart van U. had also murdered his sister Lois. Bart said he killed Lois because of her more liberal views on euthanasia, abortion and other ‘culture war’ issues.

Translated from nu.nl in the Netherlands:

Els Borst was found dead at the age of 81 on February 10, 2014 in the garage of her home in Bilthoven. She was killed with 41 stab wounds. …

U. previously was known to have killed his sister in December 2014. It probably was by about the same number of stabbings as with Ms Borst. For that murder he was arrested in January 2015.

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