Protest against Belgian government abusing ‘anti-terrorism’ against environmentalism

This video says about itself:

France: Scuffles break out as pro-refugee protesters defy demo ban in Paris

22 November 2015

Scuffles broke out in Paris, Sunday, after pro-refugee protesters defied a ban on demonstrations in the French capital, marching from the Bastille to the Place de la Republique. Riot police used pepper spray on the protesters in an attempt to push them back.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Call for resistance to anti-terrorist measures in Belgium

27 November 2015, 22:19

Over forty Belgians protest against the anti-terror policy of the Belgian government. Under the title “From fear to resistance” they have published an open letter in which they state that they no longer want to live in fear, the VRT broadcasting corporation reported. “We say no to the authoritarian state that we see being born under our eyes,” they write.

The group includes scientists and trade unionists. They also doubt the effectiveness of the measures taken in recent weeks. They wonder where the government gets the money for the extra measures from.


“The letter is primarily a call,” said one of the initiators to the VRT broadcasting corporation. “We are not planning any major actions ourselves, but we support actions that are already in the pipeline, such as those taking place this weekend on the occasion of the climate summit.”

He refers to the many small actions of environmental campaign groups related to the climate summit in Paris. Ten thousand Belgians were going this weekend to Paris to march along in the great climate march there, but it was banned because of the terrorist threat. The Belgians would therefore divert to Ostend, but that was banned as well, because of many anti-terrorist measures in Belgium. Instead, now this Sunday will be launched a variety of small actions in Belgium.


VRT has calculated what the anti-terrorism measures in Belgium cost. The economic impact of the terrorist threat is estimated at some 30 million euros per day. Moreover, there is the decline in sales of the hospitality industry and other companies; in Brussels that is approximately 22 million euros. In total, this costs Belgium 52 million per day.

More, as business losses outside Brussels city have not been added to those 52 million.

Belgian soldiers in the streets of Brussels, EPA photo

UPDATE: there will now be a big climate march in Ostend, on 6 December.

Belgian workers strike during anti-terror lockdown undermined by trade unions: here.

Translated from Belgian site De Wereld Morgen today:

In France the government has put 24 climate activists under house arrest. They are accused of wanting to still organize actions in Paris despite the government’s ban.

See also here.

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